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"Book Review Competition"

No description

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of "Book Review Competition"

The Fault In Our Stars
Characters of Book: Hazel Grace Lancaster
John Green
And They Say, Best Love is Insane...
Hazel's mom send her to join support group
Where she first time met with Augustus
Hazel notice Gus with a cigarette in
then Gus explained that!!!
Gus calls Hazel a few day later and let’s her enjoyed the book
And then....
They both fell in Love...!!
Hazel and Gus started spending time together
After reading the Novel Imperial Affliction Gus want to ask some questions from Van Houten
Amsterdam :The city of Lights
They met with Van Houten to realize him that he is an arrogant drunk man who they take pity for……!
Coming back to home
Gus became sick
and he sleep all the day ..... !!
Next day Hazel receive a call that Gus passed away…..!
While attaining Gus funereal
Hazel saw Van Houten there..!!
Last words of Gus to Hazel

Author Of Book : John Green
John Michael Green is an American author of fictional Award-winning, New york Times- bestselling author.
YouTube video blogger, historian and creator of online educational videos.
Augustus Wants to spend more and more time with Hazel
John Green
Born: August 24, 1977 (age 37), Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Spouse: Sarah Urist (m. 2006)

Siblings: Hank Green

Movies: The Fault in Our Stars, Let It Snow

Education: Kenyon College, Indian Springs School

Other famous books:Looking for Alaska and Paper town.
"The Fault In Our Stars"
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