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Client Services Breakdown

A breakdown of the Client Services team and how they work with the other teams or "planets." The presentation runs through an org chart and the different descriptions of each position, their relation with the client and a day to day in the campaign.

Erin Conrad

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of Client Services Breakdown

Business Development
Lauren B.
Director, Account Services
Account Executives
Account Managers
Kariann P.
Senior AM, Client Services
Tom B.
Senior AD Southfield
Erin C.
Jerra N.
Senior AM
Kathleen H.
Senior AM
Clients for Life
Campaign Launch
Follow up with client for deliverables
Kickoff Meeting


Client approval of campaign strategy
Completion of
various request
AE works
with client to ensure that...
The campaign is being tracked and measured properly
All creative is approved by their legal team
Creative assets
SEO keywords
Search terms
Store lists
Coupon/FSI info
Pinterest boards
Digital magazine
Lauren schedules internal campaign kickoff meeting
AD/AM schedules campaign kickoff meeting with client to discuss goals, objectives and overall timing
AE creates kick-off doc which serves as a campaign guideline
Campaign Management
AE and
Leader (CL) and Community
Manager (CM)
Bi-Weekly Campaign Reports-
posts are published (LIVE)
Campaign Wind Down
AE compiles information for campaign post-analysis report
all campaign info is correct
Internal Recap with Biz Dev, Client Services, and Analytics
Post-analysis report delivered to client
Schedule 2 weeks for completion
AE/ AM/ AD build post analysis report together
Verify impressions, pieces of content, and share of voice
"Build a story" of the data to demonstrate the success to the client
AM's/AD's provide analysis and campaign insights
Consider possible upcoming opportunities for the client
Discuss campaign outcome, key learnings, campaign successes and client feedback
AD/ AM/ AE/ Analytics/Strategy/ Community Manager participate
In-person if the client is local
Account Executive
Key Responsibilities:

Monitor social media tools and applications trends
Analyze and baseline metrics
Monitor effective benchmarks
Summarize and analyze campaign results
Create kickoff documents, baseline reports, prepare bi-weekly reports and compile post-analysis info
7 AE's managed 80+ campaigns in 2012
35 programs have already ended in 2013
47 are currently in progress
Key Responsibilities:

Develop in-depth knowledge
Build strong relationships
Contribute as a thought leader
Provide direction, recommendations and rationale
Work closely with cross-functional teams
Provide strategic campaign and account leadership
Act as a subject matter expert on social media and shopper trends
Manage finances for programs
Approve budgets and timelines
Account Manager
Account Director
Biz Dev sends the signed IO back to client
Biz Dev informs Client Services of new campaign

Strategy DevelopmentAD/AM/
Biz Dev
Communicate a "target date" for campaign kickoff
Send signed IO and approved budget to Mike Owens, Tyler, Jon L.
IO is then sent to Matt, Lauren, Ed, and John P.
Client Services assigns a team
Matt assigns AD and/or AM
Lauren assigns AE and intern
Kim assigns Community Manager
Brian assigns Lead and Support analyst
Client Services and Biz Dev communicationAD/AM

Send short recaps of bi-weekly reports to Biz Dev
Inform Biz Dev of key highlights or issues
Notify Biz Dev when there are changes to the original budget during the campaign
Present program highlights and analytics to client
Communicate progress with Biz Dev
Post shoppertunity
Choose influencers
Write blog instructions
Ensure that the program is running smoothly from a community standpoint
Solve any issues influencers might be having
Posts are then submitted to CL/AE
Blog posts are reflected on the campaign master doc and graded by the CL
Marketing & Communications
Create and maintain company branding
Address media relations and press releases
Promote Collective Bias by applying for awards and honors
Manage social networks (i.e. CB blog, the bias, AisleShare, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, etc.) and newsletters (i.e. Shopper Media Brief)
Plan events such as SoFabCon and SXSW
Gain exposure via paid advertising
Organize and track speaking engagements of CB employees
Key Responsibilities:

Support the AD
Manage planning, leadership, direction, client growth, profitability, and ROI
Work with AD to develop client's business needs
Introduce successful long-range communication and marketing plans
Develop an understanding of his or her client’s business
Assess and provide solutions to client's problems
Evaluate the quality of all strategies
Support the production, community and sales teams
Build and manage project budgets
Ensure responsible financial management
Account Services
Post Flight Analysis Campaign Debrief
Wrap-Up meetings
Discuss campaign successes key learnings and COE
Lauren will schedule a meeting with AD/AM/ AE/ CM/ salesperson/ analyst team
Lauren compiles a synopsis for future reference
Reconcile campaign costs with initial budget
Key Responsibilties:

Build and maintain client relationships
Communicate with Client Services about pipeline
Create a campaign strategy and budgets
Continue to remain involved in the campaign after receiving a signed IO
Measure key metrics:
Share of Voice, SEO placement, pieces of content and impressions
Communicate with Client Services regarding reports and status of campaigns
Measure pre-campaign, launch, and post-campaign activity
Run Biz Dev reports for Sales
To earn our customers' loyalty, we must listen to them, anticipate their needs and act to create value in their eyes.
We want to be known for reliablility, flexibility, responsiveness, innovative shopper marketing products and services, and exemplary customer service. Growth, longevity and results driven success will naturally follow.
We will make this happen in an enriching environment of trust, cooperation and mutual respect internally and externally.
Multi-year relationship
Garnered the trust of the client
Considered to be their "AOR"
Increased relationship with Walgreens
Most followed drug store chain in the world on Twitter
Key Responsibilties:

Manage the active campaign pipeline and assign projects
Ensure that all campaigns are running smoothly
Get AE's the resources and support they need to be successful
Regroup weekly with each AE one-on-one
Align with all other departments to ensure quality campaigns
Develop and oversee the intern program
Director, Client Services
Mike D.
Director, Client Services NYC
Tara B.
Matt G.
Senior VP, Client Services
Director, Client Services
Laura O.
Mission: Client Services

Clients for Life
Account Services Team
Client Services
Organization Chart

Lauren C.
Account Executive
Megan C.
Account Executive
Jared D.
Account Executive
Lindsey H.
Account Executive
Hunter P.
Account Executive
Eric S.
Account Executive
Sydney D.
Account Executive
Rachelle L.
Account Executive
Jay B.
Account Executive
Annette M.

Account Executive
Kim H.
Account Executive
Susie D.
Tyler T.
Erin P.

Sam F.
Patrick G.
Brett S.
Chris H.
Biz Dev introduces client to Client Services
AD/AM begin to establish a relationship with the client
Account Executives
Account Services Interns
What is the goal of Client Services?
How do other departments fit into the campaign process?
Who is on the team?
What is the overall campaign process?

Account Director

Account Executive
Marketing & Communication
Account Services

Bailey C.
Account Executive
"Client for Life" campaign starts here
Thank you! Hope you had a blast!
Mike A
Campaign is sold in to client and uploaded to Salesforce
* Salesforce will make this process more automated
If accepted to participate in a shop, influencers will follow the instructions and complete the shop, letting the CL know if they have any issues
After completing the shop, influencers will write post
Post goes LIVE
Fill out the form to get links uploaded on the master doc
Create content that promotes the brand products and inspires audience
Submit posts to cbSocially
Generate impressions through page views, followers, etc.
Engage with community members and blog visitors
Drive product awareness within retailers
The Stars
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