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No description

Levente Lakner

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of ciroc


N . Conflict - reach purity by law vs retain flavor Solution - pick a grape that prefers cold climate MAUZAC BLANC Only 5% of total but gives most of the flavor COLD PROCESSES Cold maceration - infuse together flavor contained in skin with pulp Cold fermentation - no heat needed-> no burnt caramel flavor -> SMOOTH! Cold storage - no chemicals needed against bacteria GRAPES UGNI BLANC Neutral flavor High acidity Perfect for distilling Four times distilled in column stills Fifth time in small batch copper pot still Start with 8 - 10% grape wine Due to pot distilling each batch is different These are blended and cut with best quality waters of Cognac region Resulting in 95,3% distillate 2001 - CÎROC was founded by Jean-Sebastian Robiquet 17th century - the Robiquet family were well known winemakers in Cognac The team involves professionals from wine and spirits, perfumes and cosmetics, and food engineering industries The goal - to celebrate the uncommon on every level with CÎROC Ultra-Premium 2003 - first appearance in the US through pro footballer Earl Little 2007 - Sean 'Diddy' Combs signed as celebrity endorser 2010 - new flavors introduced: Red Berry, Coconut and announced CÎROC as 'Official Vodka of New Year's' 2011 - Peach flavor added to portfolio. CÎROC is the Most Successful Diageo product launch in North-America 2012 - Sales reach 2million cases C Î R O C - The Name Cime - peak or summit-top Roche - rocks 2005 - Silver medal 2007 - Gold medal 2011 - Double gold medal Inspired by the medieval village of Cordes-Sur-Ciel; the home of Mauzac Blanc grapes San Francisco Spirits Competition E JOY RESPONSIBLY Diverse gender and ethnicity Aged 25 - 34 years Successful in their career Redefine the meaning of Luxury $75k+ income Living in a major metro market Main competitors - Grey Goose and Belvedere CÎROC's price to follow Grey Goose Minimum parity; max 10% higher STYLE CHARISMA P R E S T I G E Cooperation kicked-off in 2007 H2 with Diddy leading US marketing and branding Sales grew from 60.000 cases to 400.000 in 2 years and another 48% the year after In 2011 sales spiked at 122% due to high demand for new flavors In exchange He gets 50/50 share of profit Rumor says "double digit millions" SMOOTHEST FLAVORS 2010 2011 M A I N C A M P A I G N S "Official Vodka of New Year's" Started 2007 by Diddy Connected to "Safe Drive" campaign extended to Las Vegas a year later through thousands of free taxi ride cards distributed in NY Main nightclubs given strict guidance
to host the ultimate CÎROC NYE party Targeted the Top 250 clubs in the world
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