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Inca art

No description

victoria fraize

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Inca art

Inca Art BY : Victoria Fraize,Lorin Bassemier And Sarah Eubank Pottery aryballu statues Metal Work Lama One of the Incas most comman pottery peices
was a large jar called a aryballu that had a large base and a cone like neck. The Incas made many statues most were of lamas that they used for sacrifices and to show off there skill.All statues of women were offerings to there gods.Most statues were made of silver and gold.Sadly most Inca statues were melted down by the spanish for their lust of silver and gold Inca Craftsmen achieved high honer because of arts and crafts. Metal workers make ornaments,tools,&gold.They sculpted items from varies metals. Bronze and copper were only used for blades and knives. Thank you for watching our !
We hope you enjoyed our information about some of the many art works that the incas made. By Most of the pottrey was destroyed because it was appalling to christian sensiblites of spaniards.
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