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Orihime and Ichigo live on Ichihime fans

Orihime and Ichigo videos and pictures!

Trinity Crawford

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of Orihime and Ichigo live on Ichihime fans

Live on Ichihime FANS!!! It's a good IchiHime scene that was also funny.
They didn't have it in english for some reason
that I dont know it is my favorite IchiHime scene funny at times
but really sad and dont forget fricken scary!! and
AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I geuss when it comes to Orihime
he will do anything for her how sweet thought this was a good video
the girl on Ichigo's shoulders was
only in the series for a movie
she left at the very end in a sad way
but she was in love How do u like it? So sweet and powering in a
way I cant put it in words for
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