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Pizza Crust Task

No description

Caoilin M

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Pizza Crust Task

Phase 2 Q: What are you looking for?
A: You are looking for the perimeter (or circumference) of each pizza crust size. ( How many inches of stuffed crust are put around the edge of each of these pizzas? )

1st square: length= 5 in./ width= 5 in.
2nd rectangle: length= 8 in./ width= 4in.
3rd circle: Diameter= 9 in. Pizza Crust Task Q: Here is a SQUARE pizza with the area of 36 inches. What length of stuffed crust will be around the edge.
A: Find the perimeter of the square.

square root of 36= 6
*All the sides of a square are equal* By: Caoilin M. & Daysha S. Step 1. What is the question (or task) asking? Solving number 1. answers:
a. 20 in.
B. 24 in.
C. 28.26 in. Calculations:

1. 5 times 2= 10
5 times 2= 10
10+10=20 2. 8*2=16
16+8=24 Calculations:
A= Radius squared* pi Step 2. Find the formulas Formula for the perimeter of a rectangle: 2w+2l ( Both of the widths added + 2 of the lengths, essentially, all the sides added up)
Formula for the circumference of a circle: D*pi ( Diameter times pi )
Formula for the area of a circle: radius squared times pi
* Area of a rectangle: l*w
Or (length times width) * Step 1. What is the task asking us to find? π What is the task asking us to find? The perimeter of rectangles
The area of circles
The circumference of circles
The area of rectangles 3. C=D*pi
C=9*pi= 28.26 Solving 2.B. Q: Design two rectangular pizzas, each with an area of 36 inches, with different perimeters, so that Robbie will have more crust than on a square pizza. In each case calculate what the perimeter will be.
A: Find the factors of 36, then use the two factors as the area of the rectangles. Solving 2.A. Answer: 24 inches Calculations:
12*3 36
9*4 Answer: The two rectangles should have the perimeters of 12+12+3+3= 36 & 9+9+4+4=36. Solving 3. Q: What is the circumference of an area of 36in.?
A: Find the circumference of the circle, from the given area. Explain: Since they give you the area, you have to work backwards. You would take 36, and divide it by 3.14. You would get 11.4649681529. Take that number, and square it. Now you have about 3.38. Multiply that by 2, and then by pi. Now you have approximately 21.26. 36/3.14= approx. 11.4
square root of 11.4= 3.38*2= 6.8
6.8*2*3.14=21.26 inches. Answer: Approximately
21.26 Square Inches Period: 2
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