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Keke Palmer

No description

leah caver

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer
Keke palmers real name
is lauren kenyana palmer
Acting Career
Her Personal Life And Family
Keke palmer has 3 siblings named lawrence loreal lawrencia palmer
Keke palmer parents are sharon and larry palmer
She first started performing in a church in Harvey, Illinois.
Keke's first splash in a movie was barbershop2: back in business
she has a show on BET Live called "Just Keke"
Keke has played in so many movies i can name 4 of them TLC,barbershop, joyful noise,and madea's family reuion.
She was born august 26th 1993
Her age is 21yrs old lol
Keke got her singing and acting from her genetic makeup because her parents were in drama class and thats how they met also.
In keke's early life she has made and starred in Just Keke in 2014
She has won multiple award she has 6 grammys and 3 kids choice awards.
Keke has recently played in her new movie carlina renae white : abducted in2013.
Keke has played in a nickelodeon show called true jackson vp about a teenage girl working in fashion designing business.
Every movie keke stars in she get paid millions of dollars.
Keke palmer has walked on the red carpet more than 5 times than other major actresses
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