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No description

Tamar Garfunkel

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Simon

Street Simon Street Simon Thanks for Listening! What's already been done? Theoretical Background Technical Background Play, Smile and connect in
a Sustainable manner 66% Said they would play "Street Simon" if given the chance.

Simon attracts a diverse audience:
People between the ages of 12 - 45 highly enjoyed playing the game. User Study Making the system durable to heat, water and pressure. System Diagram Technological Challenges Generating enough electricity to power a traffic light. Online connection between 2 Simons (using Bluetooth\Wi-Fi) The Watched Pot Syndrome (Block, George, & Reed, 1980) Angst and Time Uncertainty Game will lower time uncertainty and angst! Interpersonal Synchrony Increases Affiliation (Hove & Risen, 2009) Interpersonal Synchrony and Activation of Mirror Neurons- EEG Study (Tognoli, Lagarde, DeGuzman, & Kelso, 2007) Mirror Neuron and Empathy – fMRI study (Carr et al., 2003) Synchronization and Empathy Let's See the Demo! Doron
Barsky Tamar
Garfunkel Alexandra
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