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Did I Miss Anything


jessica lobsinger

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Did I Miss Anything

By: Tom Wayman Did I Miss Anything What is the
poem about The purpose of this poem is to show how the
frequently asked question "Did I miss anything?" is offensive to
teacher's. The sarcastic speaker in the poem is pretending
to answer the question honestly, but is really taking
the "round about" way to say that there is
something wrong with the way the
student phrased the question. Audience The teacher is talking to the student that asked "Did I miss Anything?" When the speaker says "nothing" the author is indicating the question being answered from the students point of view.
Example: " Nothing. When we realized you weren't here we sat with our hands folded on our desk in silence for the full two hours." This shows the student assumes that being absent was not a problem because nothing important takes place in the classroom when they are not there. When the speaker answers "everything" the author indicates the answer is giving from the teacher's point of view.
Example: "Everything. I gave an exam worth 40 percent of your grade this term and assigned some reading due today on which I am about to hand out a quiz worth 50 percent."
This shows that the class DOES go on when the students are absent, rather than waiting for the student to return. The teacher's sarcastic answer exaggerates the point that all work done in class has meaning and is beneficial to the students, not themselves. The theme of the poem is the importance of responsibility. It is not really the teacher's responsibility to get a student caught up. The student has classmates that were present the day they were absent so they could easily ask another student and be more responsible. Theme What is the tone? The speaker is feeling angry and unappreciated
The speaker is freaking, pushed too far; they realize what they are teaching is not anything divinely important, but it is not of zero value either as the question implies Therefore, the speaker replies using sarcasm and is really mocking the
question The poem is a Free Verse poem:
Every stanza starts with one word sentence fragments
There is no set number of lines in each stanza
This is effective because it represents the tone of the poem
With only one word used, the poet stresses that nothing and everything was missed without explaining what it was in the same sentence Form The poem has little punctuation:
This affects the meaning of the poem because it does not finish the poet's idea and leaves the reader with thoughts, ideas and guesses of what else might be said or happens Structure The author uses indented stanzas to show the swinging back and forth in the speakers sarcasm
All stanzas that begin with "everything" are indented
Both are nasty and mocking What is the mood of the poem? Sarcastic
Humorous Why
Was the
Poem Written? Tom Wayman wrote this poem out of his own teaching experiences
Teachers put in hours of time and effort preparing a class, thinking of the best way to present the material to the students so they understand it
Teachers have to introduce, develop, and summarize a lesson, then monitor the class to see the effectiveness of their presentation
When an absent student ask "Did I miss anything?" the assumption made by the teacher that the student thinks their work is not worth "anything"
The stanzas in the poem are responses Wayman wanted to say to the students who asked if they missed anything
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