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Module 2 - Lesson 6 - Follow The Crowds

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Megan Reed

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Module 2 - Lesson 6 - Follow The Crowds

Follow The Crowds
Lesson 6

Exit Slip
Create an authentic question that occurred as we read and record your question on a sticky note.
Independent Practice
-Handout 6C
-"Florida's Rich Revival"
Authentic Question Matrix
Let’s first look at the text we used previously. To develop authentic questions you will walk through the text noticing whatever grabs your attention-the title, photographs, captions, and other visuals. Then write two or three ideas on the chart in the “Before Reading” column.
Setting Purpose
Over the next couple of days we are going to read informational text and analyze it. We will then construct authentic, higher-level thinking questions related to Henry Flagler’s and Henry Plant’s involvement in the development of Florida.
Day 2
Objective: The student will be able to construct authentic questions of a higher-level that connect to the text/and or teaching task in order to aid in comprehension.
Building Background Knowledge
As a successful reader you will be able to ask questions before, during, and after reading. Authentic Questioning deepens engagement and understanding of the text. The purpose is to ensure that questions engage you in deeper thinking and not just recall information that you have just read. Successful readers question text automatically as they read.
Objective: The student will be able to construct Authentic Questions of a higher-level connecting to the text/and or teaching task in order to aid in comprehension.
Authentic Questions:
Frayer Model
Essential characteristics are things that must be part of your concept. Without them, the concept would not exist. These traits are critical.
Non-essential characteristics may contribute to the concept, but are not required.
Examples have all of the essential characteristics.
The best non- examples have some of the essential characteristics, but not all of them
Next, I will read the first three paragraphs of the article and record additional authentic questions that occur as I read. If I find the answers to my “Before Reading” questions, I will record the information in the “What Have You Learned?” column
After reading, I will note additional things I have learned and record any dangling thoughts and questions that capture unresolved curiosities.
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