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Analysis of Viva la Vida

No description

Ace Zhan

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Analysis of Viva la Vida

Analysis of Viva la Vida
Viva la Vida is a song written by a British alternative rock band Coldplay. Coldplay was formed in 1996 and consists of four members; Chris Martin, Will Champion, Guy Berryman and Jonny Buckland. Viva la Vida translates from Spanish to “long live life”.
1. From the lyrics, Viva la Vida is based on a king who took risks with his power and now is on a transition from being king to not being king. But I did some research online and this song was apparently based on a portrait of King Louis XVI, who was found guilty of treason and ultimately beheaded. Also the lyrics in this song refer to the bible a lot.
Form and structure
3. The form of my song is made up of verses and choruses. The lyric structure of my song is (A)(B)(C)(D)(E)(F)(G)(D)(E1)(D)(E1) where (D) is the chorus as you can see it doesn't really follow a structure but it kind of is rondo form for it comes to the chorus a lot. The instrument structure is basically the same but there is an introduction and a few instrumental solos in the middle of the song.
Instruments used
5. The instruments used in the instrumental section of this song includes cello, violin, piano, acoustic guitar, electric bass, electric guitar, drums and xylophones/mallets but arrangements and sounds seems very synthetic and not from a orchestra or band so the melodies of the different instruments were probably arranged and created from some sort of a synthesizer.
Melody, harmony, rhythm and texture
6. This instrumental part is mainly disjunct for that the accompaniment mainly consists of chords, so it has a pretty wide range with a few narrow passages and there are a lot of slurs in the song which means that the melody is mainly very smooth but some staccatos are used in the song. The key of Viva la Vida is in A-flat major meaning it has four total flats and it is very simple in voices. This song is written in duple meter and is in 4/4 time (this is not a fraction) and some syncopation is used. In conclusion, the texture is homophonic and there is mainly only one singer but it seems likely that more voices join in during the chorus.
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