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70073_STL SD2

Re-branding and Wayfinding Uplift

Jessica Ellis

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of 70073_STL SD2

Hub: Entrance: Link: Hill Street Hill Street Entrance: Link: John Lewis Debenhams Marks & Spencer Existing Bridge Street entrance Existing link between John Lewis and St David's 2 Existing link between St Davids 1 & 2 Existing mall seating Existing Queen Street entrance Proposed Queen Street entrance Proposed mall seating Proposed Tulip tree Hub with new seating Tulip tree Working Street Existing Working Street entrance Proposed St Davids 1 & 2 link Between St David's 1 & 2 Decision
Points Entrance: Queens's Arcade Proposed Queen's Arcade entrance Proposed Decision points & Entrance Identification Bridge Street St David's 2 connecting to John Lewis Sketches and colour scheme investigation of the link between John Lewis and St David's 2 Existing Tulip Tree Hub Precedents & Key features Warmer seating surface: Timber / PVC / Nylon/ Soft Vinyl LED panel and Strip lighting Black Glass and ceramic panels Simplified uniform way finding to all entrances Reduction and coordination of way finding Currently four different way finding devices are used to indicate a single entrance Unification of Signage Queen Street Entrance: Existing signage Combined information in a single totem stand LED lighting can be changed according the the time of day or seasons Flexible curved seating Seating with optional totem end Entrances: Seating: Signage: Concept: Links: Unification of Signage Combined uniformed signage across St Davids 1 & 2 Existing Assets: LED Wall:
Re-programmed to fit with new branding Artwork:
Enhanced by feature lighting Quality Flooring:
Adapted in places to include wayfinding lighting Light Wells:
Preserved and kept well maintained Wayfinding and Seating locations Wind tunnel issue Wind tunnel solution Wind Tunnel effect created by buildings Precedents: Using the latest in AR technology we can see what the signage looks like in situ at design stage Sketches showing St Davids 2 link with John Lewis: Investigating lighting treatment with new portico Proposed portico between John Lewis and St David's 2 Proposed entrance between John Lewis and St David's 2 Proposed Working Street entrance Proposed Bridge Street entrance Black Orange Colour scheme investigation for the link between St Davids 1 & 2 Wind tunnel solution Existing Malls & Decision points Overview: Unification main entrances portico entrances signage flexible seating Proposed Queen's Arcade entrance Existing Proposed Tulip tree Hub with new seating Proposed St Davids 1 & 2 link Proposed interstitial new seating Formed in 1953
13th largest practice in the UK
76th largest practice in the world
£13.5m turnover (2012)
80% retained clients
Secured over 50 frameworks throughout the UK
240 members of staff
Quality Assured to ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 Environmental
Management and BS OHSAS 1800 accredited
Investors in People and CHAS accredited
We are a ‘Building Top 300’ company The Practice Awarded the highest BREEAM ‘Outstanding ’rating at design stage of 89.12%
Constructing Excellence Wales Demonstration Award 2011 for sustainability
Completed in October 2010
Grade A Energy Performance Certificate rating of 0
Carbon emissions 0.01kgCO2/m2 per annum or Carbon Neutral
100% reduction in target emissions (2006 Part L2 Building Regs)
About to become carbon neutral with an Energy Performance Certificate rating of 0
Shortlisted for AJ Sustainable Practice of the Year in 2010
17 BREEAM ‘Excellent’ buildings delivered, 26 at design stage and two ‘Outstanding’ Treglown Court - our new Cardiff office Defence
Hotels and Leisure
Public and Community
Schools and FE
Student Accommodation
Sustainability Sectors Architecture
Town Planning
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Building Surveying
Urban Design
Project Management
BREEAM Assessments
CDM Coordination
Access Consultancy
Graphic Design
Technical Advisors Services Innovation by design
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