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Beginning Ballet

Pedagogy I

Melody Ruano

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Beginning Ballet

Some of the Benefits of Ballet * Strength

* Flexibility

* Balance

* Agility

* Poise & Grace

* Correct Posture Basic Ballet Vocabulary BARRE - a horizontal bar, approximately waist height, that is made of
wood or metal; used during warm-up exercises in Ballet class Ballet 101 OVERVIEW What You Will Learn in this Class Appropriate Attire for Ballet Class GIRLS (Ballerinas):

* Leotard

* Tights

* Ballet Shoes

* Hair worn in a bun

* Ballet skirt (optional) The Ballet Stance How to Stand Correctly in Ballet with Instructor: Miss Melody Ruano Beginning Ballet * Coordination

* Self-Discipline

* Body Awareness

* Body Control

* Artistic Expression

* Positive Self-Image * Basic Ballet Terminology & Definitions

* The Origin of Ballet Terminology

* Basic Steps & Proper Positions of Ballet

* Association of Basic Ballet Terms through the
Execution of its Corresponding Movements GUYS (Danseurs):

* Leotard / Unitard

* Tights

* Ballet Shoes

* Tank Top / T-Shirt

* Dance shorts 1. Turn your feet out.
2. Touch your heels.
3. Straighten your knees.
4. Pull up your leg muscles.
5. Tighten your gluteus maximus.
6. Pull in your abdominal muscles.
7. Flatten your back (navel to spine).
8. Widen your shoulders (push them down & back).
9. Softly round your arms down in front of you.
10. Slightly bend your elbows.
11. Keep your hands soft and relaxed.
12. Lengthen your neck.
13. Lift your chin.
14. Breathe deeply and relax.
15. Look up and out. More Basic Ballet Terms TURNOUT - outward rotation of the hip(s)

PLIÉ [plee-yay]: bend of the knee(s)

DEMI [duh-mee]: "half"

GRAND [grahn]: "full" or "large"

RELEVÉ [reh-luh-vay]: "lifted"; rise up from any position
to balance on one or both feet, heels off the floor

TENDU [tahn-doo]: "stretched"; pointing foot to the side,
front, or back The 5 Basic Ballet Positions A Bit of Ballet History What's with all the French terms? * Ballet emerged as a distinctive form in Italy before the 16th Century before becoming popular in France.

* The first ballet on record was presented in 1581 at the court of Queen Catherine de' Medici of France, and lasted for 6 hours!

* King Louis XIV of France studied with ballet master
Pierre Beauchamps for 20 years, and founded the world's first ballet school in 1661, known today as the Paris Opera Ballet.

* French has since been the global language of Ballet. Music for Ballet Class Years of Ballet Training... Let's Meet Austin ... Bloopers de Ballet Fun Facts About Ballet * Each tutu takes over 40 hours to make and they are all made by hand, using 10-12 meters of fabric to make 10-12 layers of net in the skirt.

* English National Ballet's dancers used 3546 pairs of pointe shoes in 2003.

* Every time a dancer jumps on pointe, three times her body weight is carried on the tip of her big toe.

* Ballet has been used within American football as a conditioning method since the 1970s.

* Superbowl winner and former top high-hurdler Willie Gault believed his on-field performance and resistance to injury was enhanced by ballet. Woops! (www.ballet.org/uk) (www.ballet.org/uk) (www.ballet.org/uk) (www.pponline.co.uk) (www.pponline.co.uk) [www.encyclopedia.com] The Basis of Almost All Ballet Steps Which Feet Go With Which Position? ? ? ? ?
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