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TOPYX eLearning Platform Review


Ellsworth Bergan

on 26 October 2009

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Transcript of TOPYX eLearning Platform Review

eLearning Platform Review:
TOPYX is an easy to use eLearning 2.0 Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that combines traditional learning management system (LMS) functionality with integrated community tools, social networking and mobile learning resources Intended audience:
TOPYX Academic is geared toward administration, faculty and students at public and private institutions on the elementary, secondary and collegiate level. The platform is primarily focused on distance learning. Key Features:
1.Access information anytime
2.Lower costs and increased reach
3.Easy to use and administer securely
4.Build active online communities
5.Users share data and collaborate
6.Mobile learning: redefining the context of learning
Strengths of TOPYX:
TOPYX is an affordable alternative to Blackboard and similar competitors Drawbacks:
No real improvements over Blackboard or the ELC Usability:
Easy to navigate plaftform--enter "community", then enter the "class", then enter, "student" page.
More Strengths:
Large focus on the social networking tools that are embedded within the program. TOPYX stresses that allowing users to access Facebook or Twitter from within the eLearning environment will result in more knowledgeable, productive and confident students. Tech Support:
available through asynchronous web pages as well as synchronous chatting with a helpdesk professional Recommendations for K-12 Environment:
1. As a distance learning tool for those students who cannot succeed in a traditional high school environment. Students would be able to achieve their credits on line away from the environment that led to them not succeeding. 2. As a way for the faculty and staff to implement professional development strategies/methods without having to take up precious time in faculty meetings Additional Useful Info:
1. Facebook, Twitter and Skype are embedded in the program
2. Check the website for more facts:
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