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Abiotic Factors of the Rainforest

Here is a presentation on abiotic factors in the rainforest, that also affect it's organisms

Libby Setiadi

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Abiotic Factors of the Rainforest

By: Libby, Lotje, Mya and Laura ABiotic Factors of the Rainforest Thanks for watching our presentation Abiotic factors are non-living things that affect living organisms. Some examples of abiotic factors are sunlight, oxygen, amount of water, precipitation, temperature, . Let's say you had a tree, some of that tree's abiotic factors are sunlight and amount of water. For the animals of the rainforest they depend on many abiotic factors. On the bottom there is a video of biotoic and abiotic factors. -Because of the huge dense leaves in the rainforest, not much sunlight can reach the ground . Thus many plants cannot photosynthesis, especially the aquatic plants. And when there is less amount of plants, it affects the appetite of omnivores and herbivores. Examples of Abiotic Factor EFfects in a Rainforest There are different types organisms everywhere in the rainforests. People need organisms to survive too.
They depend on abiotic and biotic factors in order to survive. For example insects, need soil to live in, and use. A monkey would need to eat a live insect.
We also get lots of resources from rainforests, for example, medicine, chewing gum ingredients and rubber. Abiotic factors determine the organism's ecosystem and how the organism will live. The more we meddle with an ecosystem and it's abiotic factors we affect living organisms. Organisms of the rain forest Now just to lighten things up a bit, let's have some activities about the rainforest. We have a wordsearch and quiz. But remember a few things from what we taught you because we're going to ask a few questions. Whoever answers right, gets a house point. Activities We hoped you enjoyed and learned something What are Abiotic Factors? Bibliography www.yahooanswers.com/ How do abiotic factors effect living organisms? There are biotic and abiotic factors in each ecosystem. Biotic factors are living things, and abiotic factors are the complete opposite. They are the things that keep biotic factors ALIVE. Both biotic and abiotic factors depend on each other to be maintained. If we had one biotic factor, a fish, for example. An abiotic factor that fish would need is water. He would need water to stay alive. This is how both factors depend on each other. Also, abiotic factors would determine how the organism will live. -Most organisms in a rainforest, and anywhere else on Earth if you think about it, all needs an amount of water to stay hydrated, and alive. -The temperature in a rainforest doesn't really affect it's organisms, instead they have adapted to the warm, hot and humid climate. What would be some abiotic factors of this baby monkey be? Gallery Speaking of monkeys, we have organized a special interview with an organism from the rainforest! www.brighthub.com/ www.youtube.com/ Book- Prentice Hall Science Explorer- Environmental Science www.rainforestfacts.com/ www.britannica.com/
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