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Take A Step Further Into History

No description

Gene Monahan

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Take A Step Further Into History

French and Indian War
The war began in North America in 1754.The French and the British were fighting for land. It continued and later spread to Europe. The French attacked Fort Necessity with a little bit of help from their Native American allies, on July 3, 1754.
Take A Step Further Into History
A New Way of Fighting
The British had been taught to fight in empty fields, so they were surprised to find that the French fought by hiding behind objects or in trees.
Britain Gains Power
Britain supplied the colonies with more troops and slowly Britain gains power.
Spain and France Unite
Spain and France unite to try to defeat the British troops.
Britain Wins the War
The Treaty of Paris was signed declaring that Britain won the war and France lost most of their land in North America.
The Cost of War
Even though Britain won the war they still had to pay for it, so they taxed items.
The war is building up
Braddock and 1,800 British troops, attacked Fort Duquesne ( a French fort ) in April 1755.
Ariana, Savannah, Victoria
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