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Amy Lowell- Poem Project

No description

Parker Stinnett

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Amy Lowell- Poem Project

Parker Stinnett Amy Lowell About Amy Lowell In 1874, Amy Lowell was born at Sevenels, a ten-acre family estate in Brookline, Massachusetts. Amy was the youngest of five children, but luckily enough the family was of the highest in Boston society. Her youth was spent home schooled while traveling to and from Europe. Reading and writing was always strongly encouraged within her home; at age seventeen Lowell secluded herself in a 7,000 book library. From then on she became enthusiastic and involved in writing. Fun Facts about Amy Author's Style Amy Lowell's style is different from others, she developed her own style called imagism. This style uses precise visual images to establish clarity in a reader's mind and allows the reader to form the words into pictures, smells, and sounds. Amy also came up with the polyphonic prose style, in which she wrote out her poems in both formal and free-verse. This style is intended to be read aloud to retain their poetic rhythm; She used simple, exact language in the prose style to create a specific image or setting in the reader's mind. A Gift See! I give myself to you, Beloved!
My words are little jars
For you to take and put upon a shelf.
Their shapes are quaint and beautiful,
And they have many pleasant colours and lustres
To recommend them.
Also the scent from them fills the room
With sweetness of flowers and crushed grasses.

When I shall have given you the last one,
You will have the whole of me,
But I shall be dead. Amy wrote and published over 650 books.
Amy was influenced by Chinese and Japanese poetry.
Amy was in love with the poet Keats.
Her biography of Keats was published in 1925.
Amy won the Pulitzer Prize for her collection What's A Clock.
She developed a polyphonic prose style, in which she wrote out her poems in both formal and free-verse. Examples in The Gift An example of how imagism is used in the poem below is "My words are little jars" (Lowell 2).

An example of polyphonic prose is "With sweetness of flowers and crushed grasses." (Lowell 8).
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