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Passing The Principal TExES Exam--Elaine L. Wilmore

No description

Martha Pursley

on 3 November 2012

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Transcript of Passing The Principal TExES Exam--Elaine L. Wilmore

Passing the Principal TExES Elaine L. Wilmore--Chapter 12
Presented by Martha Pursley Even the best schools have a lowest area and vice versa. Low scores=Weakness
High scores=Strengths
Moving scores=Trends Student Information Section II For decision sets related to Standardized tests or AEIS; read the prompt, get the big picture (look at the categories), then read the questions! Student Performance on STAAR and End of Course Exams Section I 1. You need to know if the campus attendance is better than that of the district?
2. You will be hiring staff this year. What should you pay attention to? Reading Standardized Test Results Do not play the guessing game. Only 2 -3 questions will require that you refer back to the data. Keep anxiety low and productivity high. Largest need? Low scores or downward trend Area of growth? Greatest difference in a positive direction. Standardized Tests AEIS Standardized Tests Some Many Few Student Growth (cc) photo by twicepix on Flickr (cc) photo by tudor on Flickr Campus
Trends Goals
growth Determine: Test Data and Attendance AEIS State District Campus Group* Focus on Campus *PEIMS Ideally every subgroup does equally well Look here for questions about specific grade level or subgroup performance All Tests Summary of all scores Attendance Student Subgroups Enrollment, percentage each grade , ethnic distribution, Mobility, Economically disadvantaged, LEP, # per teacher, retention by grade Retention rates should be low. Scores that are high in a school with high retention rates, don't look good. Staff Information staff, ethnicity, years experience, salary Look here for future personnel needs, and recruiting and retaining minority staff. Budgeted Operating Expenditure high test scores, little money WHICH SECTION OF THE
AEIS WILL YOU CHECK? 3. You need to know if there are gaps between White students and subgroups at the campus level?
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