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Innocent Smoothie

No description

Harriett Howe

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Innocent Smoothie

Innocent Smoothie
Secondary research methods used
There are two main sources: Internal & External
How primary research contributed to the marketing plan
Innocent smoothie has carried out primary research to improve there product. Innocent have put questionnaires on the Innocent website for both adults and children to get back feed back on what they like most about there product (price, packaging and taste). They have also interviewed people that don't usually buy from innocent to find out the reasons why and how they can improve there product to appeal to wider target market. Also they are getting more customers while also increasing there brand awareness which mean more profit. From doing primary research they have expanded their range to veg pots and noodle pots.
How secondary research contributed to the marketing plan
Market research at Innocent
Purposes of Innocent market research
Market research is the action or activity of gathering information about consumers' needs and preferences.The purpose of market research of Innocent is to get feedback from customers of what they like and dislike about the company and the product. Innocent have moved from just selling smoothies but to selling veg pots and noodle pots from doing the market research this is what the consumers wanted. This has also made them a profit as they now have a wider range to choose from.

Primary research methods used in research

These took forms
Qualitative & Quantitative
*Deals with descriptions.
*Data can be observed but not measured.
*Colors, textures, smells, tastes, appearance, beauty, etc

*Deals with numbers.
*Data which can be measured.
*Length, height, area, volume, weight, speed, time, temperature, humidity, sound levels, cost, members, ages, etc.

External Sources
*Published materials
* Computerized Data bases
* Government
* Statistics
* Syndicated services
*Trade publications
*Commercial Data

Internal Sources
* Retail Data
* Stock analysis
* Internal reports
* Company accounts

Limitation 1
Non-availability of a reliable data

The quality of Innocent Smoothie marketing research report depends on the quality of the collected data. If the data is complete, up-to-date and reliable, then it will be reliable. However it is very difficult to get full, latest and trustworthy data. So, non-availability of a reliable data is also its limitation. In Innocent smoothie case they would regularly have to do market reasrech to make there data reliable and to check that the taste, packaging and coloring is meeting the consumers needs.
Limitation 2

Marketing research is a costly affair for Innocent Smoothie. Why? as it needs a lot of money to conduct various market research activities. Huge funds are required to pay salaries, prepare questionnaires, conduct surveys, prepare reports, etc.
Innocent smoothie have based there market research by using resources online so it makes it cheaper.

Limitation 3
Limitation 5
Limitation 6
It is lengthy and time - consuming

Some market research can take alot of time as people can change there decisions and actions over time as consumer demands change. For innocent this would of been getting the taste right, the materials of product and the colors that would be used.

Limitations of market research used
Internal market data are the findings that the company has made in a prior research work, whilst external market data is the research work of an external organization this could be a competitor’s research work
Secondary research is very important as it shows us how the business is getting on financially. It shows if Innocent is getting profit or loss. Throughout there secondary research they have looked at which food stores have customers with a higher proportion of disposable income spent on good quality healthy food drinks. Innocent have also researched the statistics of healthy eating and drinking in the UK and overseas in order to see the trend and predict future trends.
Can't predict consumer behavior

Marketing research collects data about consumer behavior this helps Innocent to find trends. However, this data is not accurate because consumer behavior cannot be predicted. It keeps on changing according to the time and moods of the consumers. Consumer behavior is also very complex. It is influenced by social, religious, family, economic and other factors. It is very difficult to study these factors.This would be a limitation to Innocent as this will not show a trend.
Limited practical value :

Innocent marketing research is an academic exercise. It is mainly based on a hypothetical approach. It gives theoretical solutions. It does not give realistic solutions to real-life problems. Its solutions look good on paper but are harder to implement in a real sense. This give Innocent a limited practical value.
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