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Strategic Business Plan Dental Clinics

No description

Spencer Daines

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Strategic Business Plan Dental Clinics

Spencer Daines
Strategic Business Plan
Dental Clinics

Executive Summary
High-Level Assessment
Low-Level Assessment
Plan for Paperless
To create and implement a strategic plan for the University Dental Clinics to improve in revenue generation, customer satisfaction and overall efficiency of processes performed.
Observe and identify high-level areas of improvement:
Dental clinic staff i.e. Outpatient Services Specialist and Dental Assistant

Purpose is two-fold:
Incorporate digital technologies to track patient charting
Obtain a digital scanner
Acquire digital xray technology
Overall flow of procedures in clinic operations
Overall flow at front desk
Allow the clinic manager to learn the details of each position.
Search for and eliminate waste in the daily processes.
Office Assistant Transition
Transition Office Assistant into a Hygienist role.
Duties delegated to the OSS positions and the Clinic Manager.
Streamline the OSS position:
Automated reminder calls
Paperless charts

I.e. if the OSS works on billing as opposed to creating a paper chart, value is added because the process generates revenue.
Plan to increase space and efficiency
Acquire a digital impressions machine
Convert Dark Room and Lab into an additional operatory
Hygienist occupies new operatory
Gross charges declined from FY09 to FY11
FY12 gross charges have increased
FY13 projected is $1,129,086 for CL7 and $754,543 for GDC
Economy describes decline in revenue from FY09 to FY11
No Show Rates
No Show Plan
No Shows addressed through ClienTel beginning Mar 2013
6 month review in Sept 2013
Low completed appointments and high patient cancelled appointments = big problem
The Epic built-in wait list has not been utilized
An increase in completed visits would result in an increase in charges i.e. work the wait list and try to fill cancelled appointments.
Introduce Supply Management System
Supplies ordered based on the assistant’s assessment of supply
Assistants order more than necessary to ensure supplies are in stock.
This causes three problems:
Inventory on the shelf is money on the shelf
Inadequate storage space.
Higher chance of expiring meds
Begin with 5S project
Key benefit: SIMPLICITY
Easy expiration reduction without inventory audits
Easy re-ordering
Constant, passive quantity monitoring
Standardized order placed when frontbin is empty
The second bin has same quantity; enough to last until the new order arrives
Surgical / Medical /
Dental Inventory Usage Tracking
Track Usage Activity by Date, Location, User, Department, Doctor, Patient and more!
Track Lot / Expiration Dated Items
Automated email notifications
Use Manufacturer Barcode
Remote Desktop Hosting Available
Exceptional Patient Experience
Dentistry Specific Surveys Introduced
Survey based on hospital-based practices
Surveys not specific to each resident
Resident-specific data to be obtained on the back end
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