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Silver DofE

By Jasmin, Amy, Kelly and Simon

Jasmin McCarroll

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Silver DofE

By Jasmin , Kelly, Amy and Simon D of E Sliver By Jasmin, Kelly, Amy and Simon Silver Duke Of Edinburgh At 8.00 we had to be at college ready to set off for our expedition to the New Forest. We traveled by school mini buses. we started the walk at a carpark called
The group consisted of: Jasmin, Amy, Kelly and Simon. DAY 1 We started the morning with a cooked breakfast. As a group we all helped with the packing up of the tents and cleaning all parts of the trangia and utensils. we left at around 10.00 which was later then planned. the weather conditions was a lot better and made walking easier and quicker. we walked for around 4 hours and during that time stopped for lunch for 20 minutes. We passed a deer sanctuary, a memorial site, boulder green and many more. DAY 2 Day 3 started really early, we all woke up at 6.00 after a hard cold night. We packed up the tents and decided to eat on the way as we wanted to get to the finish before the other teams. We began our walk at 8.00. The weather was warm and dry which was good as it made our hike easier. DAY 3 Thoughts and Feelings Day 1 we passed through many sites which include Brook Hill, The carpark that we started at, Knightwood Oak and many more. We took many pictures of the horses and the beautiful scenery.
Today we all made sure that we took it in turns to navigate and map read. The weather wasn't good througout the day, as it rained and was extremely windy. Jasmin did slip backwards into the mud as she lost her balance when trying to cross a deep muddy path which was very funny. We had to stop a couple of times to change our clothing i.e put on our waterproofs.
Our campsite was Oakneys - We were the only group that stayed at this campsite. Jasmin, Amy and Kelly all took it in turns to wash up and cook. However we as a group all helped set up the tents Our last campsite that we stayed in was called
This was very busy compared to the other one that we stayed in the night before. This time round we met another group from Godalming College. The sight was much bigger with more facilities and of a higher standard. We arrived first at the campsite at around 4.00. We set about making up our camps for the night as it was very cold. We had an early dinner and went to bed early that night as we had to wake up extremely early as we had a long hike ahead of us the next day.
we later found out as a group that when looking at the maps that day 3 would be the longest walk. we walked for 3 hours straight passing through some beautiful scenery. We also saw lots of wild ponies, deer, pigs and rabbits. day 3 was the main day inwhich we stopped off at many sites which included the Reptile centre, where we viewed the snakes and lizards. Throughout the three days we worked very much as a team, helping each other with setting up the trangias to putting the tents up and cooking. We all encouraged one another to keep going through bad times as well as keeping our spirit up. It made us feel good that we could communicate and work well together. It also encouraged us to bring out our different strengths. We reached our destination point at 1.15. Being the 3rd out of 5 teams to finish. Throughout the three days we didn't get lost which was amazing. We were very proud that we completed this expedition even when we all were muddy and tired. We all felt that this trek was the hardest and was challenging at parts as we had to walk through muddy tracks and hilly terrain. We all believed we achieved our goals and aims. Car Park- Starting Point Pictures of Day 1 Trekking and our route More Sites that we passed As It rained the night before the ground was wet and muddy and slippy on some tracks. This was the toughest day as we got so muddy and wet. Scenery along our route Day 2 Trekking and the route Prime Sites FINISH Camping Our Group
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