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Internal Communication of Johnson School Rebranding

IMC Final Project

Elaine Lu

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Internal Communication of Johnson School Rebranding

The Rebranding Story...... Results of the Rebranding Campaign Why didn't the internal communication work? Our Recommendations: 9/23: Announce Rebranding during Sage Social event 9/24: Announce New School Logo End of Sep: Students receive new nametags Sep to Oct: A series of Internal Campaign Activities 11/3: Launch New Website! Nov to Dec: The Campaign is continuing... www.johnson.cornell.edu Dedicated rebranding microsite Brand Brochure http://www2.johnson.cornell.edu/brand/brandDevelopment.html According to our survey taken by 121 students,
the rebranding campaign was not effective. "The goal of the rebranding internal campaign is to generate
Understanding and Excitement about the Rebranding."

--Sandra R. Paniccia, Associate Director for Marketing Understanding

55% students don't understand why the school conducted the rebranding. Favor Evaluation

74% of students think the rebranding campaign was not effective or mostly not effective. Lack of effective communication School: “Please communicate who
we are and how unique we are when
you go out to meet recruiters and friends ." Students: “What does the new
brand stand for? Why do we spend
the school's money on rebranding? " 49 inputs from students about
how to improve the effectiveness Improve understanding about the new
brand and gain support from students

Strategies Communicate the brand messages in a simple, clear and easy to remember way. Leverage the most effective communication channels. Create Clear and Powerful Marketing Message Internal Communications WOM Campaign -- “Brand Johnson” contest Better leverage Social Media to enhance
the brand image and communication Long-term Internal Communication Plan Johnson is a unique
organization as
50% of students are
new every year.
Therefore, internal brand
communication should be
a long-term plan. Annual Internal Brand Building Events 20%
for WOM Campaign Communicate the brand pillars through student name tags and email signatures Overview: Johnson Rebranding Awareness

90% students are aware of the new logo and website
40% students are aware of the brand positioning, statements and three pillars Recall

63% students don't understand what the new brand stands for The message was quite complicated and hard to get through Only a few communicaton channels are effective Opportunities:
Students really care about school and want to contribute Use Facebook message to broadcast the rebranding events Update Johnson School YouTube website Increase your followers by aggressively reaching out to audience 30%
for product placement 20%
for Social Media Management 30%
for Internal Branding Events Internal Communication is important because the students are the brand ambassadors External Communiations Q&A Creative Samples Always listen to your internal audience
and seek feedbacks as well as inputs from them. Key Takeaways Channel Effectiveness
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