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Animal Cell to a Factory

No description

jonathan deneault

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Animal Cell to a Factory


The nucleus is the "Brain"of the cell. The Nucleus contains DNA, which is used to tell the cell what to do. The Nucleus in a cell is like the boss in a Factory. They both run or are in charge of the cell or factory
Rough Endoplasmic

Golgi body/apparatus
Cell Membrane
Smooth Endoplasmic

Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum in a cell is to assemble protiens and Lipids. The SER in a animal cell is like a assembly line worker in a factory. they share the same correspondence because they both assemble simple things.
The Chromatin in an animal cell is a substance found in Eukaryotic chromosomes that consist of DNA. The Chromatin in a animal cell is like a Desk Jockey in a Factory. They are similar because they both store information on the job.
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
The Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum in a animal cell has the job of assembling proteins and lipids. The RER is similar to the SER in an animal cell but RER has ribosomes on the outter edge of it. The RER is similar to a assembly line worker on a factory. They both assemble simple things.
In an animal cell the Mitochondria is very important. The mitochondria has a job of cnverting chemical energy into food and usable compounds. the mitochondria in an animal cell is like the of a generator housing of a factory. Although Generators do not produce food, they produce energy, similar to food in a cell.
Cytoplasm in an animal cell is basically a jelly-like substance that holds the organelles in place. The Cytoplasm in an animal cell is like that of the space between the main office and the walls;that does not have any other machinery in a factory. They are alike because they both are esentially empty space in side the cell wall or factory.
a vacuole is a space in an animal cell that stores things for the cell such as water or sodium. The Vacuole in the cell is much compared to as any storage space in a factory. they are similar because they both srore things that the cell of factory need.
Golgi Body/Apparatus
The Golgi Body/Apparatus is another complex but important organelle. What it does is sort modifies,sorts, and packages proteins for storage or transportation out of the cell. This organelle is compered to as an unloader or stacker in a factory. They are similar because the both sort and package materials. can also be viewed as mail room of factory, but not as industrial as the first example
The ribosomes in a cell are one of the cell's most important organelles. This organelle synthesizes proteins, or also be described reading RNA (instructions) and building proteins.
A Ribosome is like a manager in a factory. This can be argued because they both take orders but still have authority.
Cell Membrane
In an Animal Cell, the Lysosomes breakdown lipids and outlived organelles. The Lysosome is like a janitor in a factory. These are similar because they both clean or breakdown things. A janitor can Breakdown pallets and clean messes.
The Cell membrane is exactly what it appears to be. That is the wall surrounding the inside of a Cell. It shapes, supports, and protects the cell. Although it sounds basic, the cell membrane is complex and interesting because of its many entrances and exits. The Cell membrane is similar to a Loading dock of a factory because they both let things in and out that a factory needs.
By: Jon & Zack
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