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Welcome to Back to School Night!

No description

Kristin Niketic

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Back to School Night!

Welcome to
Back to School Night!

Kristin Niketić

Google Classroom
iPads in the classroom
Science Fusion online
Flipped Instruction
Friday Folders
Check agendas.
Our emails are in the handout.
Please don't ever hesitate to contact us.
handwritten notes

in the agenda
are the best ways to communicate.
Positive Norms
in Math Class
Everyone can learn math to the highest levels.
Mistakes are valuable.
Questions are really important.
Math is about connections and communicating.
Math class is about learning not performing.
Depth is more important than speed.
5th Grade
Parent/Teacher Conferences
Thank you
for coming!

Sorry, but we cannot have parties.
Treats can be distributed while students are working, and we'll sing Happy Birthday!
Treat requirements:
-Cannot require utensils at all.
-No soda or juice which needs to be poured into cups.
How You Can Help
Here are some ways you may be able to support our endeavors:
-Model a positive attitude about school!
-Send in treats for rewards
-Secretarial volunteering :-)
-Making copies
-Creating materials for classes etc.
-If you are interested, talk to us or email us!
Thank you!
Thank you SO much for your support this year! Please
contact us
questions or concerns. We want you to feel that we are on the same team,
working for your child's optimal growth in 5th grade.
Rocio Quiroga
Science &
Spanish Language Arts

Meg Enriquez
Alba Armstrong
3 Rules
1. Be an active learner.
2. Be responsible.
3. Treat others as you want to be treated.
Spanish Instruction
1 hour = Math
1 hour = Science/
Return on Mondays with any signed forms.
Scholastic book orders
Language Arts
Topics covered this year:
scientific investigations
light and sound
Earth surface changes
rock cycle
living systems

science notebook

Writing Units:
Personal Narrative
Reading units will correlate with writing assignments
5th Grade Activities
Outdoor Lab - May
-Planetarium- December
-Language Day
-Science Day
-Math Day/100th day of school
-Promotion Night - June
-End of Year Picnic - June

Class Fee $60
Parent Teacher
Thursday Oct. 6th

Friday Oct. 7th
La Hora de Zumba
Key School
The playground should be ready for use after it passes inspection.
At 1:00pm on Friday, Sept. the 16th the final inspection is scheduled.
If all goes well the children can begin playing on the new playground immediately

Change in
Morning Lineup
Once the playground is complete and ready for children, we will have the morning line-up take place on the playground.
The children will be on the playground from 8:30-8:45
Teachers have already been practicing with their classes about where to line up in the mornings.
On inclement weather days the students will report to the gym to line up as they always have.
We hope this will give children a little time to run and play before school starts.

Each grade will have a 30 minute period daily for Hora de Zumba (Buzz Time)

“Hora de Zumba is always based on data from a variety of assessments completed in class. Students are intermixed with all of the classes and teachers in the grade level.  It is a great opportunity for students to work with students and teachers from all of the classes.  During Hora de Zumba, students will receive support and enrichment. We’re excited about this special, personalized learning time!”

Management System
In the near future we will have a Visitor Management System for all visitors to scan their ID cards and generate a Visitor’s sticker.
The visitors will also scan their ID or the sticker when they depart the building so we will have a record of everyone in the building.
If a visitor does not have an ID we can create an ID for them that is valid for the school year. With this ID they will scan it every time they visit the school and it will generate the Visitor Sticker.
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