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Claims and Reasons in Argumentative Writing

No description

Laura Vickers

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Claims and Reasons in Argumentative Writing

Reasons are
you think your claim (or opinion) is true
. The reason that a high school education is more valuable than a GED is because classes in a high school can be more thorough and in depth for students to successfully attain knowledge.
Claims & Reasons
in your
Argumentative Essay...


statements of opinions about what should be done
. Claims are usually
. "A high school education prepares students better than a General Education Diploma or GED" is a claim, while "I didn't like the book" is not. No one can really dispute whether I liked the book or not, but one can argue about the benefits of a high school education.

might state,
"Cell phones should not be used in the high school classroom"
which is arguable. Students could argue that they are using the internet to read ebooks or check grades, but to say,
"Drinking and driving is dangerous"
is not very arguable because most people agree that drinking and driving is wrong.
Evidence or
is your
explanation for
. It
items like
facts, statistics/numbers, stories, examples
, and
testimony from experts.
for the claim that a high school education is more valuable than a GED evidence was found in an article on www.npr.org that says, "Rumberger, a professor of education at the University of California, Santa Barbara, says a high school diploma means you went to school for four years, did the work, passed the classes and didn't quit. A GED, on the other hand, is a shortcut."
Identify the claim, reason and evidence for the following statements

1. I know Blake's has the best breakfast burritos in town because I always see many other people at school eating Blake's breakfast burritos.
2. Blake's Lotaburger has the best breakfast burritos in the city of Gallup.
3. Blake's Lotaburger has the best burritos because they are enormous and the ingredients are always fresh.

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