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Gustine Lake Interchange Project

No description

Laura Bolton Frein

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of Gustine Lake Interchange Project

HISTORY Gustine Lake - Swimming Spot Location: Philadelphia, PA
Owner: PennDOT
Designer: Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
CM/CI: Urban Engineers
Contractor: Buckley & Company
Stakeholders FACTS PE NTP: June 2004 SCHEDULE Contract Bid:
Ramp G
MPT MPT Interchange ADT: 100,000
SEPTA, Cyclists, Pedestrians Multiple Detours without overlapping traffic 3 Temporary Traffic Signals Temporary Cross Over Pedestrian
Detours OTHER FEATURES SWM 66 street trees
Graded sidewalks towards grass 6 Vegetated Bioretention Sites
2 Vegetated Swales STRUCTURES CM/CI 6 Cantilever Signs
4 Center Mount Signs
5 Overhead Signs Sign Structures ASHE 2011 Project of the Year ($10M+) Gustine Lake Interchange Project Original Ramp J Location LOS
F BEFORE F RAMP BEFORE AFTER AFTER Original Ramp Location BEFORE BEFORE Challenges & Solutions Ramp F J RAMP ARRA - 24 Month Construction
Reconstruction of 4 Bridges & 3 Ramps Impervious Area
Reduced By 0.23 ac Bridge 1 BEFORE AFTER Bridge 2 Utilities Micropiles Pedestrian Accommodations BEFORE AFTER New
Interchange Lighting Final Design ADA Curb Ramps Schuylkill River Trail Widening BEFORE AFTER Bridge 4 BEFORE AFTER Bridge 5 BEFORE AFTER FD NTP: January 2008 Ramp Alt. DFV: December 2008FV ARRA: July 2009 Letting: December 2009 NTP: February 2010 Completed: December 2012 BEFORE Michael Baker Jr., Inc.
Cathy Farrell, PE
Audrey Corrado, PE
Urban Engineers
Joseph Doubet, Jr. & Presented By:
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