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Coping with Work-Family Conflict

No description

Blank Frame

on 21 October 2015

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Transcript of Coping with Work-Family Conflict

Occasionally you'll be asked to choose between two different solutions. Simply click the answer you feel appropriate, and the presentation will continue.
This training session will provide you with a set of coping strategies that you can use to reduce work-family conflict
Coping Strategies
We will use videos as well as lectures to provide examples of individuals utilizing these coping methods
Work - family conflict is a form of conflict in which the pressures of work and family are incompatible
This occurs because we do not always have enough resources (time or energy) to meet the demands of both roles
Defining Work - Family Conflict
Reducing Work - Family Conflict
There are successful, viable coping methods that reduce conflict.
The most successful methods attempt to reduce the stressors causing the conflict.
These methods are simple, but easy to forget.
Coping Strategies
Focus on identifying and setting goals
Acquiring, refining, and using resources to better achieve goals
Using help and assistance to achieve goals
Be specific about which goals to pursue
Construct a goal hierarchy
Remain committed
Plan your work day in advance
Don't feel pressured to multitask; focus on specific goals at a time
Selection Quiz
Employees have been laid off in your company, and you have been asked to absorb a number of their former responsibilities. However, managing the increase in workload has proven difficult. What should you do?
Make a list of tasks you
need to accomplish,
rank them in order of priority,
and address them one by one
Spend a few minutes doing each task everyday, so they will all be complete at once
Selection Video Discussion
Patricia was asked to do more than what she had time for
But using the Selection coping method, she informed her boss of her works priority level and received help
Practice existing skills
Learn new skills
Emulate others who are successful at balancing work-family conflicts
Seek input and advice
Optimization Quiz
After being hired to a law firm, you begin to receive training from a senior employee. However, you would like to expand further on your professional education. What should you do?
Actively seek another source of training to supplement what you are currently learning
Hope that an
opportunity to learn
more will present
itself naturally
Optimization Video Discussion
A new Lawyer is seeking additional resources to advance his professional education and further his career
He uses optimization to actively approach his mentor and ask for advice on how to acquire, refine, and gain new skills
Compensation Quiz
Adapt to the situation
Readjust your goal structure
Seek help from different resources
You are faced with greater than normal demands at your job. Your manager has promised that the increased workload will not be permanent, and you will be able to return to a normal schedule once new employees are hired and trained. What should you do?
Accept the change, since the longer shifts and extra days will only last for a limited time
Ask others for assistance and advice on how to cope during this stressful time
Compensation Video Discussion
Amelia is exhausted because she has to cover more shifts at work due to the restaurant being understaffed
She successfully uses compensation to seek out additional resources, such as her co-worker, and asks for help with her shifts until the restaurant hires more workers
By engaging in these coping strategies, you can maximize the positive and minimize the negative
Selection - Creating a hierarchy of important and specific goals
Optimization - Pursuing resources/skills to achieve goals
Compensation - Using help or assistance to maintain goals
How To Achieve Work Family Balance
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