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Stevia For A Better Israel

No description

Nicholas Prietti

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Stevia For A Better Israel

Why the change?
Coca Cola gained a lot of popularity in Israel
Nufar Natural Products
The main supplier of stevia based products in Israel
Coca Cola Life & Stevia
Stevia Drawbacks
Licorine like after taste
Coca Cola Life
Expansion of Coca cola brand that uses Stevia as an all natural sweetener
Is an all-natural sweetener
Stevia is used
In many countries around the world
Why not Israel?
Israel and the American company Coca Cola have a rocky history
Stevia could be marketed as a healthy alternative to the current full sugar Coca Cola
Why Stevia?
For A Better Israel

Great replacement for sugar
It's 300 times sweeter than sugar, yet minimal effect on the body's blood glucose level
Best choice for people with diabetes or who are on low carbohydrate diets
Unknown health risk by trying to eliminate after taste
Companies are treating the product with chemicals, and have not disclosed chemicals or processes being used on the product
– Most of Latin America
– Europe
– Japan
– U.S.
Israel has given it the green light to be sold commercially
Contains only half of the amount of sugar in the full sugar Coca Cola beverage
A 12 oz serving contains 64 calories
Coca Cola Life is doing very well in the markets in which it's currently placed
In 1949, Coca Cola tried to open a plant but was refused a permit by Israel
Coca Cola decided to sell to the much larger Arab market instead
A business man accused Coca Cola of boycotting Israel to appease the Arab market
– Coca Cola was being faced with potential American boycotts
Under pressure of facing American boycotts, Coca Cola decided to built a factory in Israel
Pepsi was unsuccessful entering the Israel market and left Coca Cola with a monopoly
Powdered stevia herb has been approved by Israel's Ministry of Health as a natural table sweetener
Stevia has been FDA approved and the rise of popularity is expected
Will lower blood sugar and blood pressure levels, without the sacrifice of taste
Stevia will become a popular alternative sweetener
– Ex. In Japan stevia accounts for 40% of alternative sweetener needs
Coca Cola Life & Stevia
Coca Cola Life has been proven to be successful and should continue to be in Israel
50 % sugar content decrease and only 64 calories per 12oz serving
It carters to the rampant sugar addiction in Israel and accommodate those with health issues
Coca Cola Life has inmense profit potential that makes use the growing stevia popularity
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