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Mary Mensah

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Citizenship

Voting allows you to make a decision on a person that you see fits your requirements on helping the country/state you live in. Voting helps make your voice heard and lets others know you care about what happens in the government. Exercising your right to vote is important when something goes wrong you in the government such as healthcare or financial aid you can't complain if you never attempted to vote. Fewer people voted in 2012 than in 2008 about 13 million. There are people who feel as if our votes don't matter because some states are either Democratic, Republican and only a small percentage are swing states. The Elections is sort of predetermined for us and the people running may not have have issues you stand by. Voting is natural right given to citizen once we reach 18. It is important because if we didn't we would be ruled by someone who doesn't have the interest of the people.
Citizenship often times requires you to become a citizen in order to be granted the opportunities. There are some steps in order to do so such as being a legal resident for at 5 years. If not then you have to be married to a us citizen and be a legal resident for 3 years. The other option is if you have done service in the military. After that is done with you have to fill out a form (N-400) for naturalization and have submitted two passport photos and other documentation to USCIS. On the other hand not to many people wouldn't be too much interested in being a citizen due to the work it take to be one. The Naturalization exam requires you to answer questions about the history of America and also the rights granted to every citizen. Some people's intention in coming to United States wasn't meant to be a citizen but to work and make money to support family members. There are different aspects on citizenship being a citizen is just one of them.
Becoming a Citizen
The draft is a process of which people are selected to serve for the military force. But this doesn't do a great job many people find it forceful since you don't actually get a say in if your willing to or not. Between 1948 to 1973 men were drafted to fill in spaces in the military. During that time it was a lottery system men from the age of 18-25 would be selected. When the Vietnam war happened many people were outraged in 1964 people burned their draft cards and there were protests held in colleges. Some people might believe this a great idea due to the fact that you can get a greater number of troupe to train in a time of distress. Not to mention it encourages the youth to want to serve since they would already have to. The draft can be beneficial to the country but it doesn't help those who aren't interested this line of duty.
Military Draft
Jury Duty is a selection of people that are picked to go to court. They help make decisions about whether or not someone should be charged with a crime. This isn't considered an aspect of being a citizen since you actually are forced into being in the jury. It is mandatory participation for both criminal and civil cases. When you decide not to show up you can be fined and charged as contempt of court. Well others might say that this a privilege and means you haven't done anything that would make you exempt from serving. Those reasons are if your under prosecution for a crime , being 70 years or older. It is also for those who serve as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, a Cabinet officer, clerk of court, or judge. As you can see Jury duty is an important act of citizenship which we all have to do as citizens.
Jury Duty
In my project i will discuss the aspects of citizenship. They are Jury Duty , Military Draft , Community service , voting , becoming a citizen , education , environment , obeying the laws , being a global citizen and activism. They tie into one another because in general we as citizens have different responsibilities as a citizen such being aware of what is going on in your country and standing up for something that you believe in. This isnt something that is often times forceful because the more you help the more better things become. People can offer to spend time helping the homeless or even going out to areas in the neighborhood and fixing them small acts make a big change. Lastly citizenship is a part of us wherever you are your gonna have to follow some typof law or rule which can benefit the world we live in.
Community Service
Community service is a selfless act that many people overlook. It is very important and doesn't take much but a bit of your time to help a cause you feel strongly about. This helps your neighborhood and gain some experience in managing time since it is your own time it is flexible. In 2008 61.8 million americans devoted 8 million hours of community service which is equivalent to 162 million dollars. One the other hand some people won't think it is important and it digs into people time which might be unnecessary. It doesn't pay so that could be an issue for those who need a job. As a final point community service is a beneficial tool that can give you experience in the field you want or it can help people who are really in need of help which can benefit the neighborhood.
Caring for the Environment
Our Environment is a part of us its where we live and if we don't care for it bad effects will begin to result. Pollution is one of the major causes that effects our environment such as the ozone layer depleting and unusual weather changes known as climate change. It is reported by the Environmental defense that U.S cars and trucks emit 314 metric tons of C02 everyday. According to The National Academy of Science there is an estimate of 27 oil spills per day in some water in the world. Some people may not be too worried about the environment because they don't see the impact of pollution. There are some steps being made to stop the progression of pollutants such as creating clean energy powered by solar panels or and wind mills. As you can see our environment is very important to our whole existence.
Education is an important tool that helps people learn about the history of our country or even apply it to what you would like to study for the future as a career. But now a days education is being limited and people are not getting access to the education they need. Studies show that 69% of high school students get their diplomas and another shows that 1/2 of students entering a 4 year college will receive their bachelors degree. This is an even more reason for us to push for better schools that's aim is to help people struggling. There are people who don't see eduction as important due to circumstances that cause people to put education as a last priority. According to the Colorado Department of Education life events such as pregnancy , getting arrested , or even having to support family members are some of the reasons people dropout. In the end Education is a part of us and as we learn we grow and this can help us in the long run.
Obeys the law
A citizen knows and obeys the law that is set for him to abide by if you break the rules certain privileges will be taken away. When you obey the law your more likely to stay out of trouble and that in return helps the community. Laws were created in order to increase safety such as protect against robbery or even our freedom of speech. These laws help protect us from potentially becoming a dictatorship. Some may think that obeying the law has nothing to do with being a citizen because anything can happen. The law often times may not be fair to people who may not have committed a murder or those a victim of someone negligence. Lastly when you obey the law it is an act of responsibility that you are making sure not to endanger the welfare of others and yourself.
Global Citizen
A Global Citizen is very important because it is good to be a well-rounded person being informative about the world around you. It can bring us forward to help bring a change in our world because there are people out there that need serious help. A responsible global citizen is someone who takes action to help people and stand for important issues that get overlooked. They also think about how an issue can be stopped such as genocide or ethnocide and try to prevent an issue from happening. Basically learn from mistakes from history and look for solutions to them so that improvements can be made. In the case with the Hutus and the Tutsis that caused genocide to occur in the late 90s many Tutsis died there was fear over all of Rwanda which lasted 100 days. This is a situation where thousands of people were killed for a period of time and hardly anything was being done to intervene. There are many people that feel as if they don’t need to step up and make a change because it’s not their problem or even that they believe things will stay the same. Things get better if we believe they will and strive to end hunger or killing and disease. As a final point caring about what goes on in the world can contribute to helping end certain types of issues.
An activist is someone who sees a need for change in his/her community. They speak out against unfair treatment and demand justice. Any one can be an activist such as Sojourner truth who fought against slavery she was a former slave but gained freedom once New york state abolished slavery.Sojourner helped newly free slaves find jobs and land for farming. She also made speeches about slavery and woman's rights. Many people don't find it useful to fight for a change that may never happen. For example during the 1920s more woman were getting jobs in some fields which gave them almost equal opportunity but not fully. They fought for rights to vote which toke a plenty of protest and resistance to gain the freedom that is granted to woman. In conclusion being an activist can benefit not only us but others around us and make changes that not many realize.
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