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Nick Chavez

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of SPORTS CARS

SPORTS CARS This right here is the Bugatti this is the second fastest car in the world at a 253 speed which the Bugatti super sport goes 268.Also with a w16 engine and over 1000 horsepower.This also is my car in the world.Ive liked this car ever since i was a little kid because i like everything about it.But this car costs about 1.4 million dollars.Also if you the bugatties top speed for 10 minutes straight all the tires will blow out. what are top 5 sports cars Lamborghini sesto elemento 1 Lamborghini,2Audi r8,3Ferrari,4Porsche carrera gt,last koenigesgg.I like these because of everything they and how fast they go.Another thing about them is they all cost over 150,000.These cars all have big engines to make them go fast.But these cars all mostly in car shows, which people buy them. Ferrari enzo zxx koenigsegg agera r Audi r8 Porcshe carrera gt WHEN DID I START TO LIKE SPORTS CARS I first started to like sports cars when i was 5 years old.I remember seeing a packet full of cars I liked so I asked my mom if i could get these cars and she said yes.So I played with them for a long time.But that's how I started to like sports cars.So as I got older i always had a dream to a sports car and when i saw the Bugatti I always wanted to have one.But then when I was old enough to figure out of how much money they cost I told my self u need to be rich to get one. WHAT ARE THE TOP 3 FASTEST CARS IN THE WORLD #1 ssc ultimate aero #2 Bugatti veyron #3 koenigsegg ccxr These cars you are looking at are the ssc ultimate aero,bugatti veyron,and the koenigsegg ccxr.The sscultimate aero goes the speed of 257.The Bugatti veyron goes 253.The koenigsegg ccxr goes 251.all these cars right here cost over half million dollars.These cars also are some of my favorite sports cars as well. cost:over 1 million cost:over 500,000 cost:over 250,000 cost:over 250,000 cost:over 600,000 cost:over 1.2 million cost:over 550,000 cost:over 750,000
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