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Personalized learning

The 21st century classroom without a budget.

Maggie Holloway

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of Personalized learning

It is a process of redefining the goals of education curriculum.
It fosters and addresses a rapidly changing world by using the following essential skills such as, critical and creative thinking, communication and collaboration.
Essential Skills are the skills needed for work, learning and life.
They provide the foundation for learning all other skills and are the cornerstone to lifelong learning in the 21st Century. (7)
Essential Learning
It develops individuals who value knowledge and learning.
It is demonstrated by individuals who think for themselves.
It contributes to a mutual understanding of social interactions within any given situation.
It is skills that are essential. (9)

Critical and
Creative Thinking...

Developing the ability to use technological tools that can help one adapt to a 21st century world.
The availability of unlimited access to information provides students with more choices and therefore more freedom to learn.
Through communal sharing, adapting, negotiating and exploring, we are connecting the classroom globally. (10)
Students and teachers working together in a respectful relationship to reach a common goal.
Bringing multiple individuals with various perspectives together as one but yet accepting differentiation.
Expanding learning beyond the classroom into real world audiences. (11)


Abilities & Needs
Individualized Learning
Personalized Learning
Tips for Implementing Personalization
Personalized learning supports student's individual abilities and needs.
Allowing students to work at tasks and skill mastery at their own pace.
Providing inclusion despite the differences between students in the classroom. (1)
21st Century Classroom
Is a holistic view that considers the uniqueness of individuals.
It takes into account the learner's interests, experiences, skills and learning styles.
Acknowledges student's strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to take charge of their own personal learning. (2)
Tablets, smartphones, laptops, today computers are coming in all shapes and sizes, and the potential for technology integration is limitless.
Teachers can utilize these mediums to create personalized programs in which students can move along at their own pace.
Teachers are also able to collect data in regards to students progress and see which areas they are excelling in or struggling. (14)
By leaps and bounds, technology is changing our classrooms; giving teachers tools through which they can more effectively and efficiently meet outcomes.
Collects data on student's progress in real-time and allows for one-on-one feedback and discussions.
By integrating technology into classrooms, teachers can more easily facilitate lesson plans for each and every student as seen in this video. (12)
The internet allows students to connect with the world. Information is right at their fingertips, and through the internet they can collaborate, communicate and connect globally and locally.
Presented By:
Katie Broadhurst
Margaret Holloway
Personalized Learning
These skills are intended to motivate and engage students to be successful life long learners and hopefully help them meet the demands of their future.
1. Find out how each student learns best.
2. Allow students to choose their topic
3. Encourage teachers and students to co-design the curriculum.
4. Ask lots of questions.
5. Teach less, learn more.
6. Share how you learn.
7. Connect, extend, challenge.
8. Re-evaluate assessment.
9. Define goals and encourage reflection.
10. Focus on learning, not work. (2)
Is student-centered such that learning is influenced totally by the way the individual learns, but this approach is still directed heavily by the teacher. (3)
It outlines what students are expected to learn, and be able to do in all subjects and grades.
It is important for teachers to thoroughly understand the curriculum, so it is easier for them to develop personalized learning plans for each child, yet be able to facilitate lessons for the entire class.
By making connections between the experiences in class and in life, teachers and students can meet outcomes and create personalized lifelong learning.
Changes in curriculum follows a long period of consultation with teachers, principals, administrators, post-secondary institutions and others. (5)
Creating a space where children are relaxed and comfortable, and have stations to work individually or in groups is an important component of personalized learning. These spaces will further facilitate personalized learning plans.
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16. Background music by, Bob Acri, entitled Sleep Away
"Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life thinking it is stupid" ~ Albert Einstein
Refers to the pedagogical (teaching) skills teachers use to impart the specialized knowledge/content of their subject area(s).
Effective teachers display a wide range of skills and abilities that lead to creating a learning environment where all students feel comfortable and are sure that they can succeed both academically and personally.
This complex combination of skills and abilities is integrated in the professional teaching standards that also include essential knowledge, dispositions, and commitments that allow educators to practice at a high level. (4)
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