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Reality TV and Deviance

The effects of reality Tv and deviance on society

Daniel Egan

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of Reality TV and Deviance

Reality TV and deviance Jersey Shore's "Snookie"

Snookie is a woman who stars on a Reality Tv show called Jersey Shore I chose Sunderland's Differential Association Theory

Sunderlands Theory states that the norms of a group
can be considered deviant when compared with the norms of society. Here is another photo of "Snookie", with the requisite tool on her arm.

Charming isnt it? Does she really seem like somone your parents would want you dating? next is a picture of someone you may be familiar with. Not familiar? see if you can remember after this next picture. People on shows such as these must see themselves as different than how others view them right? I don't know about you, but I don't want to date somone who looks like... Does she really look like someone who will be good to take home to the parents? If you look like that and honestly think that people don't think worse of you, than you must be a total egomaniac.

This proves that Reality Tv Stars perceptions of themselves and the world around them are warped beyond belief. In conclusion, these people certainly prove Sunderlands Differential Associaion Theory, by showing that their groups norms completly differ from societys norms.
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