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A tale Dark Grimm

No description

Sydni Brock

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of A tale Dark Grimm

A Tale Dark
& Grimm
This book goes through:
8 classic fairy tales
Dramatic situations that can lead to death.
Many violent "Adventures"
Outrageous struggles between every character
All sorts of different "settings" (more within a plot)
Fairy Tales may be Predictable...
by: Adam Gidwits
Prince Hansel and Princess Gretel are born in one lesser known Grimm fairy tales, “Faithful Johannes” and when they discover news about their mom and dad, they set off to make their way in the world. In doing so they wander through a series of little known tales. Unfortunately, while doing so they have a tendency to lose digits, lose their humanity, lose their lives (almost), and find that sometimes the fastest way to end your travels to go back to where you started.
wicked witch
Dragon Slayer
Hansel & Gretal
Rating, Recommendations, Questions
This book gets a rating of 10/10!
I would recommend this book to 6th grade and up to boys and girls
Any Questions?
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