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Interior Design: Rhythm

No description

Alix Bolton

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Interior Design: Rhythm

Rhythm By:Alix, Nina & Kellsie Rhythm: When an element of design
forms an organized pattern. Rhythm smoothly leads the eyes
from one areas to another in a design. Rhythm can be
achieved through: -repitition
-transition All types of Rhythm are based
on repitition of: -Color
-Texture Gradation! A type of Rhythm crated by gradual increase or decrease of similar elements of design. Radiation Lines that flow
outward from a
central point. Opposition Lines that meet
to form right
angles. Transition Created when curvy lines carry the eyes from one part of an object or room to another part of the object or room. The same repitition each time. The beats become closer or further apart as they move. The beats are random or
are at irregular intervals. The repeated element is identical
with exception of one detail
increasing or decreasing gradually
with each repetition. Gradated Rhythm: Graduated Rhythm: Regular Rhythm: Random Rhythm:
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