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Florida Habitats

Science Assignment

Rafaela Rivero

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Florida Habitats

Florida Habitats Common on Hardwood trees, and a mixture of hardwoods and Cypress. Hardwood Swamp It is on floodplains that are lower than the surrounding areas. Cypress Swamp/Dome It is named for its shape. Found on floodplains, freshwater rivers, and lakes. Common on Bald Cypress or Pond Cypress, and mix of other hardwood trees. Pine Flatwoods It is the most widespread ecosystem in Florida. Soil is sandy and almost dry. It can be flooded for part of the year. It is common on Pine Flatwoods. Dry Prairie It has trees occupying less then 15 percent of the area. It is frequent to fires. Florida Scrub Many of the animals and plants that lived there are now considered endangered. This ecosystem began as islands. Common on Chapmans oak, Sand Pine, Myrtle Oak, Scrub Oak, Scrub Holly, Florida Rosemary, Lichens and Mints. Oak Scrub Common on Myrtle Oak, Dwarf Life Oak, Scrub Holly, Hog Plum, Scrub Hickory. Areas of open white sand are common there. Fire or clear cutting has removed the pine overstory. Hammocks Common on Grasses, sedges, herbs, and shrubs. Common on Red Maple, Mahogony, Gumbo Limbo, Cocoplum, Florida Elm, Oaks, Sabal Palms, and Cypress Trees. This ecosystem varies from dry, and moist seasons. It provides habitat for “air plants”. Palm Hammock Common on Sabal Palms. Vines, grasses, ferns, and herbaceous plants live there too. The soil in this ecosystem is very moist, so plants like it.
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