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The Mayor of Casterbridge

No description

Hyrum Veach

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of The Mayor of Casterbridge

Abel Whittle, an illiterate peasant of Casterbridge, is one of the poorest characters in the book. Initially, it is an argument on how to deal with his lateness to work that pits Henchard against Farfrae.
Abel Whittle
Lucette Le Sueur, or as she preferred to be known in Casterbridge, "Lucetta Templeman", is one of the main characters in the book. She, like Henchard, is tormented and Haunted by her past, and wishes to escape it.
Lucetta Templeman
Elizabeth-Jane, from the 2003 Movie adaptation
Elizabeth-Jane is the daughter of Susan Henchard. When she first comes to Casterbridge, Elizabeth-Jane is young and slightly naive. However, as the story progresses and Elizabeth-Jane undergoes many trials, she matures, and grows wiser. At one point, Elizabeth-Jane is referred to as "a sage", and her caretaker, Lucetta Templeman, asks her for advice.
Elizabeth-Jane Newson
Farfrae dancing with Elizabeth-Jane
Donald Farfrae, the Scotsman, is the complete opposite of Henchard in every way imaginable. While Henchard is uneducated and in some ways, uncultured compared to Farfrae, Farfrae is clever, educated, refined, and charismatic. He eventually proves to be (though no fault of his own) the enemy of Henchard and eventually, his downfall.
The Mayor of Casterbridge
By Thomas Hardy
Donald Farfrae
Joshua Jopp was the man originally planned to fill the position of Manager in Michael Henchard's firm, the position of which was taken a day earlier by Farfrae, who had just arrived in Casterbridge. From that moment, Jopp swears to take revenge on Farfrae.
Joshua Jopp
Michael Henchard
Michael Henchard, as portrayed in a 2003 movie adaptation
Michael Henchard, the main character of the book, is a man driven by his own impulses. While he sincerely tries to make up for his mistakes, his own lack of self-control makes things worse and worse for him.
Susan Henchard
Susan Henchard, the wife of Michael, is Elizabeth Jane's mother and one of the main characters in the beginning of the book. The story really begins when she and Elizabeth-Jane go looking for Henchard.
Susan Henchard
Thomas Hardy
The Story
The Mayor of Casterbridge, by Thomas Hardy, centers around the story of one man, Michael Henchard, and the people surrounding him.

The story begins with Henchard, his wife, Susan, and their infant daughter walking from town to town in order to find work for Henchard. While traveling, they come across a fair in a town named Weydon-Pryors, where Henchard makes a mistake that will haunt him the rest of his life.
Thomas Hardy was born on 2 June, 1840 in
Dorchester, England to Thomas ( a stonemason) and Jemima Hardy. He excelled at school, but his family lacked any means of providing for his education, and his education ended at age 16. After this, Thomas Hardy became an architect, and while an architect, was able to earn enough money to enroll at King's College in London, where he won prizes from Architectural Associations. However, soon after completing his time at King's College, he moved back to Dorset, where most of his works were completed. Thomas Hardy Died on 11 January, 1928 of pleurisy, a kind of lung infection.
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