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NS Winery Visitors

No description

Tara Rowe

on 25 June 2012

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Transcript of NS Winery Visitors

Nova Scotia

Wine Visitor Profile Thank you for your attention! Overall = high opinion of NS wines
Rural setting is an important factor
Profile mix - don't assume you will have only one group at a time
Groups were NOT obtaining for information:
winery brochures
visitor guides / visitor centres
travel / consumer shows
travel agents
other tourism websites
Local artisan foods were more influential than restaurants
No group looking for 'overnight' package as reason to visit Wine Lover Wine Interested Curious Tourist Project Overview Tasting / Education - meet the needs of this group
Farmers Market = Speak to this group (instead of converting lower interest groups)
Looking for a reason to re-visit (Tasting clubs / loyalty programs?) 3 year research project:
NS Wine Visitor Profile
NS Winery Websites
NS Visitor Experience * 2013 *

NS Wine Visitor Profile
Benchmark - a beginning
780 people surveyed
Wineries (February, August & September)
Winery Events (Ice Wine Festival, Fall Wine Festival)
Halifax & Wolfville Farmers Markets
Go North Tours
Online: www.winetourismresearch.com Domestic Market:

Valley: 37%
HRM: 36%
Other NS: 6%
Atlantic Canada: 3%
Other Canada: 11%
USA: 2%
International: 1% Dr. Donna Sears, PhD
Professor of Marketing
F.C. Manning School of Business
Acadia University

Tara Rowe
Faculty Tourism Management
School of Business
Nova Scotia Community College 41% have 20+ yrs wine drinking experience
Travelling with spouse (65%)
Most likely to travel with other family
19-24 (15%)
25-34 (16%)
45-64yrs (45%)
65+ (10%)
Wine is a pastime rather than a passion
Motivated by other leisure activities (wine not sole focus)
Local /artisan foods are significant activities
High opinion of NS wines - a likely indicator to revisit Experienced drinkers:
20+yrs wine drinking (43%), 10+ yrs (47%)
Educated: 30% have above Bachelor's
Married and travelling with spouse
19-24 (11%)
25-34 (21%)
45-64 (48%)
65+ (10%)
Wine and winery are sole motivations for visit
Very interested in culture (romance & elegance) as a reason to visit
High opinion of NS wines - a likely indicator to revisit Gaining wine knowledge is key
Least likely to attend event or festival at winery
Use Farmers Market booths as info source
Most likely to visit winery website
Expert ratings not entirely important, however have some influence on purchase decision
Tasting plays an important role in visit
Willing to spend a little more on a bottle of wine
$20 (67%
$30 (30%)
$50 (3%) Learning more about wine important
Most likely to attend festival or event at winery
Looking to enjoy wine by the glass
Some indicated they 'rarely drink wine'
Pairing food & wine important purchase influence
Restaurants are important for this group
$20 spend per bottle (75%) 40% have been drinking wine for 20+ yrs
19% have been drinking for less than a year
57% married, but more likely to see singles in this group than others
Most likely to have at least 1 child in the home
More likely to visit winery with family
19-24 (22%)
25-34 (6%)
45-64 (49%)
65+ (13%)
More than expected from the Valley area May attend event or festival at winery but will not go out of way
Interested in art & architecture when visiting winery
Expert ratings as influence to purchase not important
Uninvolved consumer
Consider winery visit a novelty experience
Anything over $30 = no sale, 78% $20 Wine Lover 31%

Wine Interested 52%

Curious Tourist 12% Festival and events market
Not necessarily wine drinkers
Local / artisan foods & restaurants are important
Education about wine and also pairing
Other leisure activities Look to your backyard = Valley residents
19% have been drinking wine for less than 1 year = opportunity to convert new drinkers
Millennial / Parent mix High content of interested / wine lovers = meet the needs of this market segment (quality product / experience) while interest is high.
Don't risk turning
'wine lovers' into 'curious tourists'

What can you do to move a 'wine interested' into a 'wine lover'? a 'curious tourist' into a 'wine interested'? Curious Tourist Wine Lover Wine Interested
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