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Note to Programmers

No description

penny enright

on 26 January 2016

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Transcript of Note to Programmers

Extreme Programming (XP)
testing early, often, and automated
incremental design
excellent application of programming technique
clear communication!

Note to Programmers
Even programmers can be whole people in a real world. XP is an opportunity to test yourself to be yourself, to realize maybe you've been fine all along and just hanging out with the wrong crowd.
create value for the customer
stay aware! adapt! change!
daily development
customer involvement
continuous integration
short development cycles
self worth is not tied to this
team work!!
Scrum vs XP
scrum = 2weeks to 1month XP=1 to 2 weeks

Scrum does not allow changes in a sprint
XP works them in right away

scrum uses owner priorities
XP uses top down priorities

scrum= no engineering practices
XP=test driven development
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