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Math 160 Survey of Calculus

No description

William Dallas

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Math 160 Survey of Calculus

READ: Assigned readings are paramount to your success in this course. This is step one during the week. Read! While reading I suggest you keep a notebook and take detailed notes. Work through every example yourself and check it against the book. An e-book is available on MyMathLab.com.

Math 160 Survey of Calculus
Tree of Success - Course Tour

Enough! How do I get an A??
Let's start by looking at your grade weighting.
Caclculus Online? But how?
We will be using the textbook publisher's companion website called MyMathLab.com along with our core Learning Management System - Blackboard Learn.

Your course will live on Blackboard. All instructions, announcements, and discussions will be through Blackboard.

You even can access MyMathLab through our Blackboard site after reading your assignment for the day.
Modular Learning
The course is broken down into 6 Learning Modules each 2 - 3 weeks long. Modules are opened weekly on Fridays by 5pm and close on the following Saturday at 11pm.

This is what a module looks like:
Inside the Module
Once you click on a module you get to the weekly course checklist:
Let's get started...
Calculus! Ahhhh! Online! Ahhhh! Never fear!
This Prezi will guide you to success in this course.

Success in an online course depends on your time management!
You are in control of your destiny in this course!
Notice the Read, Watch, Do, Discuss Structure of the Modules.
Your required reading, homework, and
lecture videos are found on MyMathLab.
Discussions take place within Blackboard.
You can access MyMathLab by search or www.mymathlab.com
WATCH: Included with MyMathLab's Multimedia Library are Section Video Lectures. The video lectures include every example problem in the section worked out in detail. Once you have read the text, these videos will serve as a lecture substitute. Watching them is highly encouraged.
DO: Your homework is entirely completed on MyMathLab. Homework is assigned weekly and will be substantial. You have 5 attempts to get the correct answer as well as numerous tools to help you find it.
The "Help Me Solve This"
button shows you a similar problem and takes you through it step-by-step. The formulas you should use are given.
Remember: When you use this option the last problem you worked on will be reset.
Study Plan

The study plan is your personal study guide.
If you've ever used Khan Academy this is pretty similar. Suggestions are made based on your homework attempts and quiz prerequisites. You first practice and then take a quiz to assess your progress. The study guide is not graded.
Module Quizzes
At the end of each module is a module quiz. You will notice that there is a prerequisite flag next to the quizzes. Each quiz has a Study Plan that must be mastered prior to opening the quiz. This is to prepare you for the timed quiz, similarly to the exam. Quizzes allow 60 minutes for completion and 2 attempts. You will have roughly 10 questions.
You will have 3 exams and one final exam. Exams must be taken on campus as long as you are local. If not you must contact me to set up a remote proctor. Exams will also be through MyMathLab and will be extremely similar to quizzes except longer and in more depth.
Discussion Board Participation
You are encouraged to participate in discussion boards. The extra credit homework discussion board will help both your grade and understanding. Your participation will be graded through a social networking graph as well as my monitoring the content of your posts. This is to help generate a sense of community and give you peers to discuss the course with online.
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