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Hokkaido Earthquake and Tsunami

No description

Katie McCabe-Sortini

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Hokkaido Earthquake and Tsunami

Hokkaido Earthquake 1993

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the Sea of Japan near Hokkaido, this caused a powerful tsunami that plowed through many towns and cities, not just in Japan.
(unknown, 2013)
Epicentre was 75 km north of a small island called Okushiri. (Unknown, 2012)

As soon as the quake started the Japan Meteorological Agency issued a warning on NHK. The earthquake didn't cause much damage but it did cause a tsunami which caused massive amounts of damage. (Unknown, 2011)
The Tsunami
Plate Movements
The Pacific plate (oceanic plate) slid
beneath the Eurasian plate (continental
plate) (Dogan, 2011). Lots of force was placed upon the Pacific plate, the energy that was
being stored for many years was released
causing a massive earthquake. (unknown, 2013)
The Plates Rubbing Together
The Aftermath
Over 250 lives were lost because of this natural
disaster (NOAA, 2010). Several hundred homes were
destroyed and caused over 1.2 billion dollars in damage.
One person was killed off the coast of Japan, three more
went missing off the coast of Russia. 165 were killed on
Okushiri and 74 more were killed on Hokkaido
(Yanev, 2002). Japan was not the only place to
have major damage, Russia and Korea were
also hit hard by the tsunami.

In conclusion the Hokkaido Earthquake and Tsunami of 1993 was destructive, the power of this tsunami led to many deaths, and many people were injured.
By Niamh, Katie, Grace and Nanami
The Epicentre
Tsunami occurred along the coast of Hokkaido.
It happened too quickly so no-one on
Okushiri was able to be evacuated.
The waves were 30 metres high. Aonae was also
hit with smaller waves, although there were
more of them. 197 people died as an effect
of this tsunami.

The Landslide
The earthquake caused
many landslides throughout Japan, it caused road blockages and a tunnel collapse on Hokkaido (Unknown, 2011).
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A painting showing a tsunami hitting a Coastline
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