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Stand with the International Community Against Genocide

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Lulu Zhong

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Stand with the International Community Against Genocide

Stand with the International Community Against Genocide. History Genocide should be a Only an unified global response has the legitimacy to prevent and stop genocide. However currently the to successfully act against genocide. We propose the US stay with the UN but lobby to reform the UN response to genocide. Summary 1. When the United States does not interfere with genocide outside of its borders, then the oppressors will abuse their power. For example, in Rwanda, the Hutus used their larger population to suppress the Tutsis and spark a huge genocide.

2. The United States should support the UN and then go further. The UN can only do so much, they cannot fire, because they are peacemakers. The UN failed in Rwanda because they could not fire on the Interhamwe.

3. The genocide convention and the International Criminal Court need to be supported so those involved in genocides can be tried for their war crimes. For example, only a handful of Nazis were tried for the war crimes that were committed. Beliefs One country does not have the moral authority to interject itself in other countries affairs. Actions Hold high moral standards For/Against global concern. UN is failing For Against A collaborative effort would be the most effective and moral way to deal with genocide. International law should be used to solve international problems. State sovereignty is important but when it comes to genocide, is irrelevant. Most, if not all, countries want to prevent genocide. Join the International Criminal Court Devote resources Restructure the United Nations Minimum contribution based on each country's individual financial situation.

- appropriate economic sanctions will be placed on countries refusing to comply.

-as opposed to option one, we would not stretch ourselves too thin.

- option three and four; while we might be contributing less, if other countries could not pick up our slack then genocides will continue into the future.

Recognizing that this measure of the United Nations, this is the best measure for the overall health of the international community. dramatically increases the influence Fosters International Stability and Peace All Countries Share in Costs Highest Potential Effectiveness Reinvigorate the Role of the UN in the World Promote Overall International Cooperation UN too slow Political Divisions Keep UN from Action UN Proven Incapable Focus Taken from Domestic Affairs Impede Upon State Sovereignty UN has Common Goal of Promoting Peace Preventing Genocide is More Important In Regards to Genocide, Sovereignty is a Non-issue UN Needs to/Will be Reformed
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