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Descriptive Literary in Beowulf

No description

Aaron Schwabacher

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Descriptive Literary in Beowulf

Descriptive Literature in... BEOWULF Grendel Grim Demon God-Cursed A Feind Out of Hell Banished Monster Killer Malignant By Nature Shield Sheafson Scourge of many tribes Wrecker of Mead-Benches Terror of the hall-troops King The Last Survier Speech My own people have been ruined by war. The hard helmet, hasped with gold,
will be striped of its hoops. He mourned as he moved about the world. Now earth- Hold what earls once held and heroes can ,ove no more- It was mined by you first, by honarable men. Beowulf's Funeral Morning a lord far-farm and beloved A geat women san out in greif. They were disconsolate and wailed
aloud for there lord's decease. Her nation invaded- enemies on the rampage- bodies in piles- slavery and abasement. The End The book begins as it describes a child, lost at birth, but found and
raised to be a powerful king. Shield Sheafson lead his
kingdom proudly and powerfully till his death…. Wrecker of Mead-Benches Wrecker of Mead-Benches Scourge of many tribes Terror of the hall-troops King Part one After generations and generations strong and powerful kings all was good in the kindom..... All was good intill Grendel, the demon traped in the underworld, has been distubed. He is beinging an attack on the worrors that outcasted him into the underworld.... In these first 98 lines the discrivtive language helps paint the picture of the past and the up coming plot...... The lines tell how everything in the kingdom was perfect then started to get worst. Killer
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