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Rahul Bahl and Jake Scalabrin

No description

lib hist

on 31 August 2018

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Transcript of Rahul Bahl and Jake Scalabrin

Characteristics of Bennie G. Adkins
Bennie G, Adkins represented Valor, because when he was in the 'nam war he was badly wounded and new he had to save his comrades. So he got up and ran through the mortar rounds to save his fellow comrades. He showed Valor because he faced danger while being brave.
Comparing Our Soldiers
They were both sergeants
They both fought in Vietnam.
They were both were in the U.S Army
They both showed a great amount of Valor
They both received the medal of honor by Barack Obama.
Contrasting Our Soldiers
Sgt,Sasser was black
Bennie G. Adkins was white
They both fought at different war zones like Camp a Shau and Ding Tuong Province
Bennie G. Adkins was a Sgt. First Class
Sgt. Sasser was a medic.
The 'Nam Warriors continued...
"Wow that was really impressive." Sgt. Sasser asks, "What was your tale of valor?" " Back in the 'nam war I was shot severely and saw my other comrades injured and were captured by the 'nams. And I just knew what I had to do , so I ran through the mortar rounds and dragged my comrades to base. But still I knew I had to do something so I grabbed my rifle and went outside the camp walls and shot many 'nams." Sgt.Sasser says, " Well, I have to go to the medal of honor convention." "Same here', says Sgt.Adkins. "Well, Duty Calls."
Characteristics of Clarence Eugene Sasser
Sgt. Sasser represented Valor because while he was in the 'nam war he ran across the battlefield after being wounded to go help other men with their injuries. Also he was shot two more times so he dragged himself to help others but not himself through the raging battle grounds. To give others urgently needed medical care. He showed Valor because he risked his life in the face of danger to save others.
The 'Nam Warriors
Once upon a time, there was a soldier who earned the medal of honor his name was Bennie G. Adkins. He was cruising down the plaza strip while walking, he slipped over a banana and fell. Then, he was helped up by a man who had the medal of honor. Adkins said thank you and noticed it was Sgt. Sasser. For a nice thank you, Adkins treated them both to brunch. Adkins asked how did you earn your medal of honor? "Well back in the 'nam war, I was shot on the shoulder, but I saw my comrades far more injured than me so I ran through the raging battlegrounds dragging his fellow comrades to safety and gave them a lot of medical attention."
Rahul Bahl and Jake Scalabrin
The "Nam Warriors
Sgt.Adkins on left and Sgt.Sasser on right.
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