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can, could, may, might, be able to, be allowed to

No description

martin gales

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of can, could, may, might, be able to, be allowed to

can, could, may, might, be able to, be allowed to

1. mogelijkheid
(can, could, may, might)
redelijk zeker (can, could)

He is not here yet, he could be have missed the bus
It can be cold there.
minder zeker (may)
It,s fifty fifty, he may have passed the test
kleine kans (might)
He might still show up, but I don't think he will
2. in staat zijn (can/could/be able to)
o.t.t. en o.v.t.:
We can/are able to swim
We could/were able to swim
alle andere tijden:
We will be able to swim
We have been able to swim
3. toestemming geven (may, might, be allowed to)
May/Might/Are we allowed to look around?
alle andere tijden:
We will be allowed to go
We were allowed to go
wanneer iets mogelijk was , maar niet is gebeurd could/might + have
I could have known
You might have fallen
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