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Mary Kay IMC Plan

No description

Javier Pereyra

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Mary Kay IMC Plan

Javier Ortiz

Founded in 1963 Mary Kay Ash
Tiny store in Dallas, TX

Last $5,000
Five products
Ambition to transform women's lives

Core Values
Golden Rule
Life’s priorities in proper order

Making each and every individual special
Helping others

Direct Selling
Direct selling approach to reach end market
Network of Independent Beauty Consultants (IBCs)
Over three million consultants

Must purchase from IBCs
Personal IBC websites

Corporate Responsibility
“Beauty That Counts”
Donates millions to improve lives of women and children
“Pink Doing Green”
Reforestation in China
No landfill in Texas
Biodegradable packaging
“Pink Changing Lives”
Donates to women who suffer from domestic violence

Target Market
Women aged 18-44
Seen as an older brand
Epitomize healthy lifestyle and giving back

Mary Kay strives to match their product
with their consumer

Product Mix
Skin Care

Secondary Research
-Women lines
-Sales Reps

Children’s line
Pre-teen line
Mary Kay
Mainly sell through parties
Social Media

Mary Kay would benefit from
Hair products
Delivery straight to buyer

New Target Mark
Women (18-25)
Fashion and accessories
Younger models in the Ads
Younger trained IBCs
Pop-Up Shops

Celebrity Endorsement
Rising star
Alex Ross
Upbeat, charitable and kind to fans
PR value
Brand awareness

Nontraditional Advertising
Focus on gaining a larger following on social media platforms
Facebook is the most popular with 1.4 million likes

Twitter - 46,000 followers

Instagram - 28,000 followers

YouTube has become one of the most popular websites for beauty enthusiasts

Makeup tutorials, product reviews and recommendations

Many girls check YouTube reviews before buying a new beauty product

This market reaches millions of people worldwide
Some of the most popular beauty vloggers have up to 4 million subscribers that watch them daily
Mary Kay needs to get their products to these vloggers so they can use and mention them in their videos to increase brand awareness
Example of a positive Mary Kay Review
This mark
reaches millions of people worldwide
Some of the most popular beauty vloggers have up to 4 million subscribers that watch them daily
Mary Kay needs to get their products to these vloggers so they can use and mention them in their videos to increase brand awareness
Mary kay pr pr kits
Send new products or samples of existing products to beauty vloggers/bloggers, magazines, beauty news websites, and beauty editors
In hopes they will write a positive review on any of the products

Gain a larger following
Weekly giveaways every Monday
“Mary Kay Monday”
Twitter users will upload a picture of their favorite Mary Kay product and why they love it using the hashtag #MaryKayMonday
1 winner will be chosen to receive a makeup bag with $20 worth of products
Mary Kay Virtual Makeover Tool
Increase awareness of the makeover tool

Increase knowledge of Mary Kay products

TV Commercial
Non Traditional
Time Square Ads
NYC Event
NYC Special Event

Event will feature professional makeup artists giving free makeovers to random participants off the street.
The objective is to really get more people to try our Mary Kay makeup line.
Ultimate goal is to educate people on how to do professional makeup while showing how good our products really are.
We plan to hold a special event in New York City in Times Square
We will show the before and after transition on a jumbo screen where onlookers can see and be enticed to coming over and partaking for themselves
We will hire professional makeup artist MJ Forte, a NYC native, and her staff to transform people with our outstanding makeup line
Forte’s Credentials include:
-VH1 TV shows
Mob Wives
Basketball wives
-Magazine shoots
-Featured in Daily News
Professional Makeup Artist
Our idea put into action
This is an example of what our screen would look like looking over NYC.
Before & After shots:
We believe everybody deserves a chance to look exactly how they feel and wish to show people their true full potential.
We have plenty in the budget to pull this off and will have plenty money left over afterward to hold more extravagant events.

It’s your choice to look the way you want. We’re just here to help you along the way.
Pre-Transformation to Pure Sexy

It's your choice
Thank you
Any Questions??
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