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Mnemonic Devices

No description

Nick Valledor

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Mnemonic Devices

by Katie Thomas and Nick Valledor Mnemonic Devices The Imagery Method Imagery is the connection of images to a word or phrase to aid in the memory Amnesia: With Imagery Infantile Amnesia: memories that took place when the person was younger than 3 years old The Acrostic Method The acrostic method uses the creation of a phrase, with the first letter of an acronym forming a template Memory Storage: With an Acrostic Twist Babies are infants.
infants=infantile I won't remember
any of this... Anterograde Amnesia: person cannot form memories after a traumatic event Retrograde Amnesia: person cannot remember events that took place directly before a traumatic event S
F torage aintenance Rehearsal laborative Rehearsal rganizational Systems iling Errors Storage is the maintenance of encoded information over a period of time.
Maintenance Rehearsal is the repetition of information many times to keep from forgetting it
Elaborative Rehearsal is the linking of new information to older information
Organizational Systems create the "filing cabinets" for information in your brain, allowing the storage of similar information together for easier recall
Filing Errors are the mistakes that occur when filing new pieces of information The Acrostic Strange
Frequently An Imagery Example Too: This guy, named Fred, had an accident resulting in retrograde amnesia. He lost his memories of events that took place a month beforehand. Dori suffers from anterograde amnesia, preventing her from forming new memories. We can assume that a traumatic event caused this to happen.
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