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2012 career shadowing prezi

2012 career shadow prezi

howard smith

on 19 March 2012

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Transcript of 2012 career shadowing prezi

The purpose of a nurse is to perform basic duties that include treating patients, educating patients and the public about various medical conditions, and providing advice and emotional support to patients' family members. In 15 years the employment of nurses is expected to increasein the future the average salary range for a person in that position is $46,852-67,451 the type of education required to become a nurse is 1. Completing a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (BSN),
2. Completing an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN), or
3. Completing a Diploma Program in a hospital. the type of technology used in this carrer are accucheck to find out a resident blood pressure. and fax machine to recieve information. in the future if i do not persue my dream job. then i will most definetly be in the healthcare industry. the thing that i really liked the most when i was carrer shadowing was when the paitent needed there medicine crushed and i use the little crushing machine to crush it. through out the day the thing that i disliked the most was when the geriatric (the eldery) resident had accident and as soon as you walk in you smell it. in the nursing carrer the skill that you have to use the most is how to read and understand medical terminology.
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