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Pirate-Style Treasure Hunt

Stay Alive!!!

olivia marotte

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Pirate-Style Treasure Hunt

Do your best to..... This is a Treasure Hunt! A piece of gold
A piece of silver
A piece of bronze WHAT TO FIND... THE MYSTERIOUS
TREASURE CHEST!!!!! Stay Alive!!! TREASURE HUNT STAY ALIVE!!!!!!!! AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST... PIRATE-- STYLE Me name's cap'n Danny and I'll be guidin' ya through this perilous journey. You're lucky ya have me, matey. Last week I was off on my break and the people who were takin' this route died. Ya know how? Ha! They didn't have me! I should really be promoted to manager. Aargh!! Try to find the gold, Matey, and avoid the piranhas. HOORAY! YOU FOUND THE GOLD! One down, 3 to go! Now ya need to try to find the silver. Avoid killer whales! I highlighted 'em for ya so ya could see 'em better! YIPPEE! YOU FOUND THE SILVER! 2 down, 2 to go! Now it's time to find the bronze, me mateys. Look out for sharks! I highlighted 'em for ya. GREAT JOB!
YOU FOUND THE BRONZE! 3 down, 1 to go! Good luck!! OH, NOOOOO!!!!!! GET OUT OF THE VOLCANO!! TOO DANGEROUS!!! GET BACK ON THE ROUTE!! (I AM A FIREBABY. I LIKE TO HELP YOUNG PIRATES LIKE YOU). walk. walk! WALK WALK! Oh, mighty fail! You have to go through the trees, now, me lad. Don't run into them! The trees are EVIL!!!!!! They may kill you! This one is nice to me. Aren't you, Bobster? Yes. You have now reached the City!
You may take a quick break.
ALMOST THERE!!!! THE PIRATE'S BAR Please have a drink.. I know you are PARCHED from this journey! I thought I'd help myself... YOU FOUND THE MYSTERIOUS TREASURE CHEST!
GREAT JOB!! You will also receive these gifts for your time and effort. Thank You for participating in the Pirate Style Treasure Hunt! This couldn't have been done without our sponsors... A specialized bag to put your booty in.
Don't we spoil you? Come back soon!
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