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No description

Courtney Evans

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of THE HERO'S JOURNEY

-Gilgamesh was the king of Urk, but he was unhappy. He was sleeping with many women, and was not living the way he wanted to be remembered. He wanted to make a name for himself. THE ORDINARY WORLD THE REAL WORLD:
This happens when the ordinary hero receives a call to their own adventure. It can be something as simple as receiving a college acceptance letter. It is a point that will define the next period of their life. THE CALL TO ADVENTURE THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH:
Gilgamesh meets with Shamash before embarking on his journey. She gives him advice on how to survive and achieve the result he wants. MEETING WITH THE MENTOR THE REAL WORLD:
This occurs any time an ordinary hero is apprehensive before they embark on a journey. It could be seen in a person who is about to do a performance and considers quitting because they are too scared.
This occurs when Neo wakes up in his cell in the Matrix and escapes into the ship. CROSSING THE THRESHOLD THE MATRIX:
This is when Neo goes into the real world and meets with the Oracle. He also returns to the real world in order to save Morpheous. THE APPROACH THE MATRIX:
Neo trains with Morpheous in preparation for his battle with the guards. He meets many friends, like Trinity, who will help him along the way. TESTS, ALLIES, AND ENEMIES THE MATRIX:
This is when Neo has to fight the guards alone. He is scared at first because he does not believe that he is the one, but he is soon re-energized and begins to realize the truth. THE ORDEAL THE MATRIX:
This is when Trinity kisses Neo and he comes back to life. He has now reached his full potential and kills the guards. THE RESURRECTION THE MATRIX:
When Neo realizes that he is truly the one, he receives the reward he has been hoping for. THE REWARD THE REAL WORLD:
This is the road back, that can sometimes be harder than the journey. This could even be seen during a literal journey back from a foreign country when there is always the potential to get lost. THE ROAD BACK THE MATRIX:
Neo finally knows that he is the one, and he returns to the real world with intentions to destroy the Matrix. RETURN WITH THE ELIXIR This is the beginning, when the hero is living his/her ordinary life. THE MATRIX:
-Neo was living his ordinary life as a computer programmer. He also led a second life where he hacked many computer programs and sold them for money. THE REAL WORLD:
-This can be seen everyday when our "ordinary heroes" are living in their natural environments. An example of this could be a fireman living in the firehouse. In this step, something happens to "shake up" ordinary life. The hero must then make a change in their life in order to continue. THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH:
Gilgamesh hears of Enkidu and goes off to find him. Enlil says that it is Gilgamesh's destiny to be king. THE MATRIX:
Neo recieves the messages on his computer telling him to "follow the white rabbit". He meets Trinity for the first time at the club and she forewarns him about what will happen. He then receives a call from Morpheus. This is some sort of action (either mental or physical) that is preventing the hero from beginning the journey. THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH:
Gilgamesh denies that kingship is enough to be remembered by, he needs eternal life. THE MATRIX:
Neo hangs up the phone and re-enters the building to be arrested by the guards. Every hero has a mentor, and this is the time when the hero consults with them in order to gain the tools and skills they will need to complete their journey. THE MATRIX:
Neo meets with Morpheous for the first time, and finally makes the decision to take the red pill and enter the real world. THE REAL WORLD:
This occurs when the ordinary heroes consult a mentor who will give them advice or skills to survive their journey. This could be seen when a football player consults his coach before a big game. This is when the hero is crossing into the unknown. They have to adjust to the new region, new rules, new customs, and new values. THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH:
Occurs when Gilgamesh leaves Urk and enters the forest. THE REAL WORLD:
This can happen when someone crosses over into their "new world". Whether it is to a new country, a new school, or even a new class, this is a moment that will define the rest of their journey. Heroes must undergo some sort of test in order to discover their strengths and weaknesses. They also usually meet their allies who will assist them along the way. THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH:
Gilgamesh faces many challenges throughout the course of his journey. He defeats Humbaba, fights the bull of heaven, and must endure the death of Enkidu. THE REAL WORLD:
This is usually the longest phase in the journey. This could be a dancer training their entire life for a big audition. During that time, they meet many teachers that will help them to obtain the skills they need. The hero still hasn't made it to the main challenge, but it is getting closer. THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH:
This is when Gilgamesh meets Ishtar and defeats the bull of heaven. He has not reached it yet, but he knows eternal life must be close. THE REAL WORLD:
This can be the smaller battles that are leading up to the major conflict, such as the games in the football playoffs that are leading up to the championship. This is when the hero get scared because they are not completely confident in their ability, but they continue on and fight the main battle anyways. THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH:
This is when Gilgamesh hears of the plant of eternal life, and dives down to the bottom of the sea to retrieve it. He knows that it is spiny and it might hurt him, but the reward would be greater. THE REAL WORLD:
This is the main "battle" that takes place. This could be a big test that someone has been preparing for, but still does not believe that they are ready for. This is what the hero receives from winning the battle. THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH:
This is the flower of eternal life that Gilgamesh captures. He believes that this will create his legacy as being the man who restored youth to the old men of Urk. THE REAL WORLD:
This is the reward that the ordinary hero receives for winning the battle. It could be a job, a degree, or even just a good grade. The hero begins the long road back to their homeland. Even though the battle is over, they still have the possibility of losing the treasure. THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH:
Just as Gilgamesh thinks he has the flower of eternal life firmly in his posession, it is stolen by a snake. THE MATRIX:
When Neo is trying to get back to the real world, he gets shot by the guards and dies. The hero faces yet another challenge, but they have now changed morally and can handle it. THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH:
Gilgamesh ends up dying of old age, but he is remembered for his kingship and heroic story. THE REAL WORLD:
This is the final challenge that the ordinary hero faces, and they are now strong enough to handle it. This could be another game that a football team has to play after they win their big game. The hero returns with their treasure. THE EPIC OF GILGAMESH:
Even though he died, Gilgamesh still accomplishes his goal of leaving a legacy. His story was passed down for generations and he is never forgotten. THE REAL WORLD:
This is the ordinary hero's return to their hometown with the treasure; such an olympic athlete's return to their hometown with a gold metal. COURTNEY EVANS- 5TH HOUR
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