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Ropa de Espana

Spanish National Dress

Trévon Davenport

on 10 March 2011

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Transcript of Ropa de Espana

La ropa típica de España When we think of Spanish apparel, we may usually think of a girl in bright red festive dress or a guy with a rose in his mouth. Though it may very appealing, its not what they wear around town La ropa de España es bastante parecida a la ropa de norteamérica. Ellos normalmente llevan camisetas, faldas, blue jeans, etc. Spanish casual dress almost has no difference from western styles Just like us, they have a pretty competitive fashion industry One of spain's most famous clothing brands is Zara Zara tiene tendas de ropa alrededor del mundo On Briggate in Leeds, England En la cuidad de Brussels Y en el Lait Towers de Singapore Tipical Mens store in Almere and Oxford Even though the Spainards are very similar to the rest of europe, they still have their ways to stick out. The famous Flamenco was a culture and music style that started in Spain back in the 15th century. Las bailarinas llevan muy bonita vestidos Los vestidos son tradicionalmente de los colors rojo, rosado, o violeta But over the past few years, more colors have been introduced to the culuture's dress In Southern Spain, Flamenco music was depicted as the music of a gypsy Flamenco dresses are even used as stylish spainish wedding dresses España hace frío tiempo... ...y calor tiempo Which means all sorts of seasonal fashions So when visiting spain, dont stress over what to pack. Just wear what you usually would. As long as you respect their culture. (Except for Spainsh and other Euro beaches)
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